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Safest Cars
This crashed Honda HRV is among the Safest Cars
March 13, 2023
New technology and materials have your back. A few years back, Kevin Hart and two friends suffered an awful car…
The Toyota Prius Is One Of The Fuel Efficient Cars On The Market.
The Toyota Prius continues to be the benchmark vehicle for eco friendly cars. Photo: Toyota
January 16, 2021
It is easy being green!  Think you can’t have one of these green cars because you have kids? Not true! You…
A Girls Guide To Cars | What Are The Most Fuel Efficient Cars? The Ones That Learn From The Race Track! - Ford Performance Center Featured Image
Ford Performance Center featured image
October 1, 2018
Ford’s Performance Center doesn’t just develop race cars. It’s a research lab, too. If you’re like me, all I want…
Hyundai Ioniq
February 24, 2017
Meet the Hyundai Ioniq: A Welcome Change In the Green Car Market. Hyundai has always made a stylish car with…
A Girls Guide To Cars | Can’t Wait: Fuel Efficient Ford Fiesta - 1383164069088
October 31, 2013
The 2014 Ford Fiesta may give hybrids a run for the money; certainly Fiesta owners will get nice gas savings. The…
A Girls Guide To Cars | Infiniti M35 Hybrid: Fuel Efficient And Fast As... Well, You Know - Infiniti M35 Hybrid
October 29, 2013
With the Infiniti car remote in hand, I opened the door of and slid into the drivers seat, breathing deep the leather…
Cruze 2014
September 25, 2013
When brewed decaf coffee became popular, restaurants color-coded their carafes so customers wouldn’t accidentally get regular coffee. Despite this, I…
Toyota Camry Hybrid
April 6, 2023
Perfect for small families and everyone in between. I’m not new to the Totoya family. I have fond memories of…
Fuel Octane Gas Pump
Photo: Jakob Rosen on Unsplash
April 5, 2023
Ever wondered what octane ratings on the gas pump mean? You’re not alone. If you’re looking to save some money,…
Photo Of The Toyota Camry Hybrid
Photo of the Toyota Camry Hybrid
November 9, 2022
An excellent partner during a journey of a thousand steps. And that journey began with moving out of the garage…