7 Used Luxury 3-Row SUVs We Really Love

We love luxury 3-row SUVs for their classic looks, durable quality and top-drawer features. These are often the ideal used car. Here are 7 we loved at first sight–and still do!

Cadillac Xt6. Photo: Scotty Reiss
Cadillac XT6. Photo: Scotty Reiss

Tell me what you want, what you really really want!

If your answer is luxury, we get you. Who doesn’t want pampering when life is stressful, and to relax and feel rewarded when it’s not? And, who doesn’t want a new (to you) car investment to deliver all you need and expect in the long term? Often, used luxury 3-row SUVs may be the answer. For less money you typically get top-notch features like leather seats with electric controls and memory settings, technology that was advanced when it was new but is still relatively modern, and design and construction intended to go the distance and last through the years.

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Generally. There are caveats such as recalls, known flaws and wear and tear. Keep in mind that when buying a used car you should always research the model thoroughly, have it inspected by an independent mechanic before buying it and vet the VIN by looking at the car’s history. CarFax and AutoCheck can usually tell you if the car has been crashed, had major repairs or damage such as flood or fire (an independent mechanic can usually also tell you these things).

Here are some of our favorite use cars: 7 best luxury 3-row SUVs, plus the key details that make these them potentially great used cars as they move on from the original owner to the next.

1. Cadillac XT6

The Cadillac XT6 is perfect for those who want the style and luxury of a Cadillac but would prefer a mid-sized SUV over the more well-known Escalade. But don’t fret; just because she is smaller, all of the details you have come to know and love about Cadillac are all included with the XT6.

What We Loved

  • Slightly smaller than its Escalade counterpart but still has plenty of room 
  • Modern, elegant look and feel 
  • Ample Cargo Space AND a built in cool box option
  • Sliding 2nd-row seats
  • Easy to drive, easy to handle
  • Starting price new, about $49K

Shop the Cadillac XT6 here

Bmw X5

This BMW X5 looking fresh in the sunlight. Photo: Scotty Reiss

2. BMW X5

When you think of a BMW, you think of luxury, speed, sporty looks and fun. The BMW X5 does not disappoint. What’s even better is that you get all the sporty fun while still being able to pick up your grocery order!

 What We Loved

  • 15 MPG city/highway combined
  • One of the most powerful SUVs on the road
  • Interior details (they have massaging white leather seats with contrasting navy!)
  • Buyers can create and connect driver profiles via the BMW app, so certain functions can be controlled via a phone, smartwatch, Alexa or Google Home system
  • Infotainment connects seamlessly after the initial setup
  • Priced when new, about $61K

Shop the BMW X5


Side view of the Audi Q7. Photo: Scotty Reiss

3. Audi Q7

What surprised us the most about Audi’s Q7 isn’t the space, but the price. Who knew luxury 3-row SUVs could be bought new for $61,000? With 37.5 cubic feet of space, the Audi Q7 really is meant for families, road trips, and everything in between without breaking your budget.


  • Enough room for kids, and all that comes with them, without feeling oversized
  • Movable armrest with all of the infotainment at your fingertips
  • 2 words: Ponytail. Headrest.
  • Easily accessible 2nd and 3rd rows
  • 3 car seats fit in the second row!
  • Even with all of the kid-friendly features, it doesn’t lack style and luxury

Shop the Audi Q7 here

Mercedes Benz Gle

You really can’t go wrong with this beautiful Mercedes Benz GLE. Photo: Scotty Reiss

4. Mercedes-Benz GLE 

When you think of a Benz, you might not think “luxury 3-row SUV,” but you should. In 1998, Mercedes Benz released the first luxury SUV, and still, the company continues to evolve them, even adding a third row to this most popular model. The Mercedes Benz GLE is everything you look for in a Benz, and also, in luxury 3-row SUVs.


  • Ample legroom in the second row
  • Easy to move seats to allow for more room in the 3rd row
  • Elegant multimedia system 
  • 4matic 4WD with Body Control so passengers feel stable, not car sick, even on curvy roads
  • Spa Mode to include heated massaging seats, lower cabin lights, activated relaxing music, and a diffuser combined with a calming fragrance
  • Starting price new, about $55K

Shop the Mercedes-Benz GLE here


A beauty among the flowers. The 2020 Volvo XC90. Photo: Scotty Reiss

5. Volvo XC90

A refreshed design for 2020 makes this Volvo XC90 an unassuming luxury 3-row SUV that makes you want to find errands to run. Updates to the 2020 design is in part due to customer feedback, which feels really good. Knowing that our brands are listening to us, as customers, has us wanting to suggest these to all of our friends. 


  • The redesigned, elegant aesthetic
  • Center Row Captain Chairs
  • A crystal gearshift? Yes please (only available in T8 edition) 
  • Auto braking
  • Driver assist features
  • 12″ touchscreen
  • Roof rails
  • Starting price new, about $48K

Shop the Volvo XC90 here

6. Infiniti QX80

This is the workhorse of luxury 3-row SUVs: The Infiniti QX80 is steady on its feet, spacious inside and built to go the distance, even if that distance is endless the endless triangle between home, school and Costco.

The Infiniti QX80 has a prestigious heritage: it’s an Infinitized version of the Nissan Armada and is built for families around the world who drive through sand storms, across deserts, over dunes, who endure hours on clogged highways to get home. Makes the early winter snow storm seem docile in comparison. As rugged as it is, it’s outfitted with tufted leather, advanced technology and all the pampering features we love.


  • 400 HP V8 engine
  • Seating for 7 with captains chairs or 8 with a center row bench
  • Convenience features such as a console between the center row captains chairs and rear seat entertainment
  • Top notch safety systems including pre-emergency braking, blind spot monitor, lane departure assistance, 360 degree cameras and adaptive cruise control
  • Starting price new, about $71K

Shop the Infiniti QX80 here

Jeep Cherokee L Summit Edition

Jeep Cherokee L Summit Edition Photo: Jeep

7. Lincoln Aviator

Brand new in 2020, the Lincoln Aviator brought together its new approach to design, which the company calls “quiet flight,” with a spacious and luxuriously appointed interiors. Innovations such as symphonic tones instead of electronic sounds serve as notifications for things like open doors or unbuckled seatbelts; multi-function seats have 22 settings; 3rd row seats are enhanced with vents, USB ports and an overhead sunroof. 


  • Easily accessible third row
  • All seats folded down gives you 18 cu ft of storage behind the 3rd row (41  behind the 2nd row)
  • Luxurious with elegant details
  • Originally priced from  just right beginning at just under $40k and going up to $55k for the Summit Edition

Shop the Lincoln Aviator here

Used luxury 3-row SUVs are a great way to add luxury to your life and still leave room in the budget for other good stuff — road trips to lovely places or extra dance classes for the kiddos. And, you get to ride in comfort and style.

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