Go Ahead, Let your Hair Down: The 2013 Corvette

A Girls Guide To Cars | Go Ahead, Let Your Hair Down: The 2013 Corvette - Vette

Listen. Can you hear the guttural bubbling of the V8 engine? Can you hear the energy percolating through the valves and pistons, just waiting for you to hop in and send this car flying into its [430 horsepower!] destiny?

Can you hear the giggle of the delight of this experience? Elena Sonnino demonstrates:

And Desiree Miller puts the car to the speed test (trying not to break the speed limit, that is!):

As you settle into the 2013 Corvette’s driver’s seat, its comfortable leather cradling you, you start to get that feeling of anticipation of being in control of this incredible machine and having it sweep you off your feet, all at once.

And then you start to get it. It’s not just about speed. It’s about the power in your hands, being in control, just you, the car and the road.

It’s not about the mid-life crisis that makes us want to recapture our youth, it’s about finally acknowledging that we’re accomplished and worthy of this experience. We have earned it and we can master it.

It’s about having this experience alone. Or with one special person. But not with an entourage of DVD demanding, Gameboy playing, juicebox soothing, car seat cutie pies. This time, it’s all about you.

Writer Angela Cavallari Walker took the 2013 ‘Vette out for a spin and has had a shift in thinking; how it might fit into her life, what color she’d like it in. You can see her story here.

But getting into the driver’s seat in itself is a feat for some. It’s not just a shift in thinking, but a shifting in our ambitions and watching ourselves grow. Elena Sonnino shares her experience here.

If you want to see what it’s like to ride the Autobahn in the ‘Vette, here’s a great video we found.

And, here’s our view of the ‘Vette: Pretty, and smart. Pretty smart.

  • What You Need To Know:
    430 Horsepower
    MSRP about $76,000
    2013 is the last model year for this design (The 2014 Stingray, which we wrote about recently, will replace this model)
    Seats two
    Makes you look ten pounds lighter
    Yes, it has a trunk and cupholders
    No, you can’t blame the Corvette for speed indiscretions


Disclosure: Chevrolet, a sponsor of the 2013 TravelingMom Spring Retreat, provided the Corvette for our test drives. The thrill was all ours. 

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