Great Wolf Lodge: A Kid’s View

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When you meet Wiley the Wolf, Violet and Oliver you know you are at the Great Wolf Lodge. The Great Wolf Lodge has so much to do! Like playing in the arcade, becoming a wizard, zipping through water slides, going to the spa, and so much more!

The arcade is every kids favorite place. At the Northern Lights Arcade you run around collecting tickets to cash in later for a prize. Of course you have to do some awesome gaming first. At the arcade there is a game for everyone. From Fruit Ninja to Frogger, there is enjoyment for everyone.

Gwl StageThe Stage at Great Wolf Lodge; above, the water park

Then, there‚Äôs the MagiQuest Kingdom. With a magic wand in hand, you’ll outsmart dragons, work with pixies and battle goblins. This is a game where you adventure around the lodge and explore an enchanted kingdom.

The water park is of course the main attraction, with big slides and gigantic wave pools. There is a lazy river and a hot tub for all of the worn out adults. You can climb Fort Mackenzie or maybe even wait for the bucket to fall! There is a giant bucket full of 1,000 gallons of water that falls on you every 5 minutes.

After a day full of fun and excitement you end the day perfectly with a spa! A mother daughter sort of thing, the mom goes to a relaxation spa while her daughter goes to a candy wonderland. The child will get a tiara and a chocolate facial mask. The mother will have a wonderful massage. What a great way to end a great day!

The arcade is clean and has a lot of fun games; if you win enough tickets at the games, there’s a counter filled with prizes

Of course there are many more things to do. This is the perfect family vacation even if you don’t do everything. As long as you spend time with your family that is all that matters.

Gwl Arcade

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