2013 Ford F-150 4X4 SuperCab Review: Rugged on The Outside, Luxury On the Inside

A Girls Guide To Cars | 2013 Ford F-150 4X4 Supercab Review: Rugged On The Outside, Luxury On The Inside - Fordsupercab

I really do like trucks, but truth be told, I didn’t always. Growing up on a farm just outside Harford, PA in the 1940s, our only means of transportation was a small 1930’s-era Ford truck, and it was cramped quarters. I longed for a sedan–any make or any model would do–but America was at war and no cars were being manufactured. I was ecstatic when finally the American automotive industry began building cars and we got a sedan. I forgot all about trucks.

It’s ironic that at this stage of life, when most of my friends are downsizing their cars, I again find myself in a truck. And having fun.

2013 Ford F-150 4X4 SuperCab

It isn’t really a practical vehicle for me as an everyday car, but there are still times when it is great to have. Recently I had the opportunity to drive a 2013 Ruby Red Metallic Ford F-150 4X4 SuperCab for a week, and lavished in the thoughts of all the things I could do with it. Being the middle of winter, the weather varied from sunny to rain, snow and sleet, which resulted in treacherous driving conditions. The F-150 had no problem with sloppy weather; it held the road in all conditions. Then there’s the shopping: if I find a perfect piece of furniture at an estate sale, and the price is right, how am I to get it home? If I hire someone with a truck to transport it, my bargain is no longer a bargain.

Dscf0079The height of the F-150 makes you naturally taller; you sit up above traffic–eye level with other trucks, which is niceAnd, driving a truck on the expressway, you feel practically regal: the truck demands respect from other drivers; I noticed fewer drivers trying to cut me off. And, as I passed an 18-wheeler, the driver gave me the thumbs up.

The F-150’s 145” wheelbase insured that the ride was smooth even over rough roads, and its sizable engine, an EcoBoost 3.5L VG, gave plenty of power, so it was an easy merge onto the expressway and for passing. It was a lot of fun to drive!

But here’s a little secret: Trucks can be deceiving. Their rugged exteriors hide all the smart features and luxury comforts on the inside. The F150 4X4’s SuperCab had lots of room for the driver and passenger and offered the comforts and amenities of many sedans, including a lighted vanity mirror for checking your makeup and a large storage area in the console that is large enough to hold a purse and keep it out of view. There is a slot in the dash for your garage door opener. The front bucket seats were stylish in black leather and suede with red accents. Both front seats are heated and cooled with a 10 way memory adjustment for the driver. And it came with a rear camera, which made backing up this large truck a breeze.

Another smart safety feature are the side mirrors. They are double height–and twice as big–and they took me a while to appreciate, but they can be very helpful when checking on traffic. Smartly, they fold in for tight spaces or for getting close at a drive through or ATM machine.

The steering wheel was wrapped in leather, and it tilts and telescopes for driver comfort. There are running boards on either side for help in stepping up into the cab. There is a grab-bar on the passenger side, but on the driver’s side I had to grab the steering wheel to get in.

The F-150 4X4’s SuperCab is a four door cab, with rear doors that are sort of ‘half-doors’ that swing out to allow passengers access to the back seat or give better access if you want to fold the seats to create storage space. While there is not a lot of room in back, it would easily accommodate a couple of children, a dog or the groceries.

Ford Truck
The F -150 FX4 is available with a 5′ 1/2″ or 6′ 1/2″ bed–great when you find a great bargain at an estate saleI enjoyed driving the F-150; unfortunately I didn’t find that special item or piece of furniture to haul while I had the truck. Oh, well, maybe next time.

What We Liked:

A console that holds a handbag!
Heated and cooled front seats.
Adjustable steering wheel and pedals with memory
Capless gas tank
Leather and suede interior
Rear view camera
Running boards make getting into the truck easy
The truck’s length is 145”–not so big, really; the Toyota Camry is 189”
09F150Fx4 36 HrFord’s capless gas tank makes pumping gas faster and cleanerSitting high above traffic and commanding respect from other drivers

What You Need to Know:

Starting price: $39,205; price of the model I drove $50,230.
Fuel mileage: 14 MPG city, 19 highway (17 combined)
Not a lot of rear leg room
Rear seats fold for extra cargo space
Cargo strategy: if you can’t fit something in the cab, you have to think about how carry it safely in the truck bed

Disclosure: Ford provided the F-150 for our test drive; opinions are all our own.