Quick View: The Ford C-Max

A Girls Guide To Cars | Quick View: The Ford C-Max - Cmax

This car was developed for not only the urban driver, but also the driver that needs a lot of flexibility. Julie Roehner, a Ford engineer and mom, got the job of project managing the C-Max and and the thrill of putting lots of very cool technology into the car. The result is that in addition to it’s sporty details-shiny, beefy 17-inch wheels that fill the wheel wells, a rear spoiler and the silhouette of a mini-crossover.It has lots of interior luxuries available, including leather seats, a MyFord Touch media console (which uses much of your phone’s technology), three charge ports, a three-pronged electrical outlet, USB ports and even an A/V port lets passengers play Wii and view it on the navigation screen when the car is in park! It also has hands free Bluetooth, microphones in the ceiling that cancel out noise when you are using the hands-free phone, and ambient lighting in the cup holders, door panels and in the floor wells (and you can change the color of the lighting–there are five choices!).

Console With Game Port And UsbFord’s C-Max: a flexible interior, luxury touches and great fuel economy

Inside the console are two USB ports, a charge port and A/V ports (Back seat driving with Mario Cart? Just Dance in your seat? Movie night? Then, there’s the family friendly stuff too: First, it has a handsfree lift gate that you can open with just a swipe of your foot under the rear bumper: As long as they key is somewhere on your body or in your handbag, you can open the lift gate without touching a thing. So cool.


Then, with the rear seats folded down, the cargo space can fit a 60 inch TV or a table and chairs, a 50 gallon compost tub or an above-average Costco run. With the seats up there is seating for five and ample storage in the back: enough for several suitcases or three dogs, whichever you prefer to travel with. The C-Max comes in two different engine options: a gas-battery hybrid. Under floor storage in the back seat lets you hide your gadgets when not in use–so smart!Julie Is Comfortable

Julie–who is six feet tall!– is comfortable in the back seat of the C-Max (notice the cut outs in the seat backs–designed especially for kids in car seats)

Prices begin at $25,000; as described here, about $30,000; add $3000 for the plug in engine option.

Why to Buy: Tons of luxuries for the price; great gas-saving engine options (hybrid or plug in hybrid); 550-570 miles per tank of gas.

Best Feature: Automatic lift gate.

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