I Bought the GMC Sierra Denali and This is What I Love About It

2019 Gmc Sierra Denali
Photo: GMC

There’s so much to love, it was hard to narrow it down.

The truck is the first of GMC’s lineup to include one of the coolest new technologies on the market, the multifunctional tailgate—and somehow that’s still only one of the handful of cool features I love in this full-size truck.

While it may not be brand new anymore, the 2019 Sierra Denali is still a great truck for anyone who hauls stuff or who just likes the feel of a good, functional vehicle.

The Denali is the highest-level trim offered on the Sierra, and when it was new, it started off at $62,090 with an optional Denali Ultimate package tacking on another $6,000. If you find a used one, it currently looks like common prices are between $50,000 and $60,000.

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2019 Gmc Sierra Denali

Load up on trees and the 2019 GMC Sierra Denali won’t even flinch. ?: Austin McBroom

The Massive Grill

Sometimes, you want your vehicle to make an impression, and that’s exactly what the 2019 GMC Sierra Denali does. The massive grille was the first thing that caught my eye. Can you say “badass”?

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2019 Gmc Sierra Denali

Tell me that view doesn’t rule. ?: Austin McBroom

The Multifunction Tailgate

The GMC marketing campaign revolved heavily around the new multifunction tailgate for the Sierra Denali. I must admit, I thought this was cool but mostly a gimmick before I bought the truck, but I have gotten so much use out of the functionality:

  • The fold-down step makes accessing the bed so much more convenient.
  • The half-fold tailgate makes loading and unloading so much easier.
  • The load management system makes hauling payload safer.

It’s way more than just a gimmick. Now, I can tell GMC was just marketing the feature so strongly because this was the first of its trucks to have the technology. I can’t believe no one thought of it sooner!

P.S.: The spray-in bed liner and lighting come in handy, too!

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2019 Gmc Sierra Denali

Perfect for whatever you need to haul. ?: Austin McBroom

The Leather Surfaces

The leather seats are high quality yet durable. I’ve taken several long road trips, and the firm seats keep you supported on all-day drives. The two-tone leather is really sharp, too!

On the Denali, the front seats come standard with heating and ventilation, which only makes things more comfortable. Plus, there’s plenty of interior space for everyone to relax, even in the back seats.

2019 Gmc Sierra Denali

These seats are seriously comfortable. ?: Austin McBroom

The Dashboard and Infotainment Center

The dashboard and 8 inch driver info center are upgraded from previous models, and they’re easy to use. It comes with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and you can personalize different driver profiles if you have multiple people who get behind the wheel.

The steering wheel controls also make it really convenient to control almost every feature in the truck. The heated wheel is also a really nice touch on cold mornings.

2019 Gmc Sierra Denali

Simple, efficient, and easy to use. ?: Austin McBroom

The Payload

Oh, man! The payload! I’ve cleaned out my garage several times, hauled tree branches and pallets full of mulch, and not once could I even tell I had a heavy load in the truck. That’s because the suspension is designed for hauling, and the 6.2-liter engine produces enough torque to really make you feel in control. There’s nothing the 2019 GMC Sierra Denali can’t handle with ease. Such a hoss of a truck! If you’re always hauling loads, this is the truck for you!

2019 Gmc Sierra Denali

The 2019 GMC Sierra Denali is unmatched! ?: Austin McBroom

Most Important: Room for Everyone

This is my my dream truck but I’m just glad that it has room for everyone; we can easily install the kids car seats so they can ride along, and it’s great for longer road trips. And that might be what I love most… I get to share it!

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