4 Things I Love about the Ford F-150 King Ranch Hybrid

King Ranch

There’s a luxury truck for every lifestyle, thankfully.

It’s the little secret that so many truck owners keep to themselves, though it’s not exactly a secret any longer: Trucks are some of the most luxurious vehicles on the road. And, they’re getting more so, if you consider things like massaging seats and improved fuel economy to be bonus benefits to truck ownership. The 2021 Ford F-150 King Ranch Hybrid, with a starting price of about $56,000 (about $77,000 for our test model), fits into this category: powerful and capable, but it’ll pamper you with features and amenities that make time with it truly special.

Whether you drive in your dusty old cowboy boots or sky high heels, with plenty of room, gorgeous interior materials and design, great gas mileage on the city streets and a work horse under the frame, this a rugged and powerful truck fits almost any lifestyle.

Most people may not think of a truck as a family car, but it fits into my mom life nicely. The back seats fold up for extended cargo space making grocery pickup a breeze, holding all the sports gear and giving kids plenty of leg room. Not to mention it can haul my sons four-wheeler for weekends in the country. 

But most importantly, the F-150 King Ranch Hybrid looks good! 


Interior Ford F-150 King Ranch

What You’ll Love:

It’s an office on Wheels

Need to work on the go or escape the home office, you can turn the cap of truck into an workspace. The shifter located in the middle console will retract, the console folds flat and turns into an interior work surface. It’s the perfect amount of space for writing on paper, using the laptop or enjoying a meal when parked.

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Interior Ford F-150 King Ranch

Interior Ford F-150 King Ranch

Great Storage Space

The middle console is large enough to store large tote bags or a purse, and the under seat storage in the backseat seems to go on forever. The F-150 King Ranch comfortably seats five, has plenty of legroom and the rear seats fold up if you need extra cargo space. 

Tow & Haul All You Need

The towing capacity is 9,300 pounds which is plenty to haul a trailer or recreational vehicles. And with it’s 4×4 off-road capability, this is the perfect truck to drive on the backroads, trails, lakes and for those long awaited camping trips.

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Interior Ford F-150 King Ranch Tailgate

Living the Life of Luxury Means No Compromise on Safety Features

This truck has plush leather seats, King Ranch logo throughout the interior, heated & cooled seats, massage features for the front seats, pedal adjustments and the front seat can lay completely flat – perfect for a siesta. But something that really caught my attention was the zone lighting.

As a female and parent to a young child, I want to be able to see my surroundings when I am getting in and out of my car. With the zone lighting, it will illuminate the entire area around the truck so that there are no dark areas. This is a great feature that I think all vehicles should be equipped with. 


Interior Ford F-150 King Ranch

Who is the Ford F-150 King Ranch Hybrid for?

  • Those needing both a family car and work vehicle.
  • Families who are looking for adventure and want to be able to haul & tow their toys.
  • Those who love shopping for items and need space for large purchases
  • Buyers who want an added bit of fuel economy; the King Ranch Hybrid is rated to get 24 MPG city and highway, which is about 4MPG better than the standard F-150 with a 6 cylinder EcoBoost engine

What You Need to Know

  • 6 cylinderEcoBoost engine
  • 400 Horsepower
  • 410 lb.-ft of torque
  • 9,300 lb. towing capacity
  • Power tailgate lock and remote release
  • 24 MPG
  • 7.2KW Pro Power onboard generator
  • Hotspot telematics modem
  • Wireless Charging Pad
  • Lane-keeping system

What this car costs

  • Base price: $60,055
  • 3.5L Powerboost hybrid motor: $2.500
  • King Ranch chrome appearance: $1,995
  • Tow package: $880
  • Twin panel moonroof: $1,495
  • Interior work surface: $165
  • FX4 Off-Road package: $1,005
  • Price of the 2021 F-150 4×4 Supercrew King Ranch I drove: $77,425

What I loved

  • Large handbag space in center console
  • Zone lighting at night
  • Step for tailgate
  • Tailgate can be lowered with the key fob
  • Automatic lower and raising tailgate
  • Massage seats

Not all of us would have considered ourselves ‘truck girls’ even just a few years ago. But more and more, pickup trucks are a great option for both daily life and times when you need off road or tow capability, which seems to be more and more these days. And that you don’t have to compromise – you can have both the luxuries you want for every day and the rugged capability when you need it, makes pickups even more of an option for every day driving, especially when you want luxury every day, too.

Ford King Ranch

Disclosure: Ford provided the vehicle for review. All opinions are my own.


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