Need an Oil Change? New Tires? 4 Awesome Car Maintenance Apps to Keep your Car Running Smooth

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Car Maintenance apps can be a life saver for busy women! photo: unsplash

Car maintenance isn’t fun, but at least it can be easy.

A car is one of the biggest purchases you’ll ever make. Typically, if you take care of it, it’ll last a long time. Most experts say that good, regular maintenance is the secret to keeping a car in good running condition for hundreds of thousands of miles. Most cars have modern, sophisticated technology that will tell you when they need a little TLC. But when your car needs attention from a professional, where do you go? These four car maintenance apps can track service, repairs and fuel economy at the touch of a button.

A study by Utires found that roughly 92% of car owners admitted to putting off a car care task longer than they should. The top contributor to pushing off car maintenance is one we can all relate to. Unfortunately, most respondents are just too busy to take their car in, or they’re unable to afford the costs of various services. As a result, the average driver spends an extra $1200 in repairs over their vehicle’s life span.

Vehicle maintenance can be daunting. It’s so easy to forget things like oil changes and brake job repairs. Luckily, I have some pretty cool apps that will help keep you (and your car) right on schedule!

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Openbay can help you find service quotes in a hurry. Photo:


Unexpected car repairs leave you hoping to find a reasonable price and a quick turnaround. This can put a huge hole in your wallet. Openbay is an award-winning app that gives you competitive service estimates. You can book your auto repair service on the spot. Start by choosing the service you need, and quotes are then sent to you directly from reliable local repair shops in their network. There is nothing better than having multiple quotes at your fingertips. Talk about a timesaver!  This is easily one of my favorite apps of the moment. You can download this app on either Apple or Android phones.

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Repairpal Can Help You Find The Most Affordable Repair Options, Closest To You. Photo:

RepairPal can help you find the most affordable repair options, closest to you. Photo:


Much like OpenBay, RepairPal is a great app that gives you the option to locate local mechanics and repair shops that will best service your vehicle. They do a great job vetting the shops used within their network by going through a sophisticated qualification and certification process. It’s all about the quality here. They continuously monitor repair invoices to ensure that they are meeting pricing standards. RepairPal is available for both Apple and Android products.

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Simply Auto Log

Simply Auto helps manage all the maintenance, repairs, and fuel mileage your little heart desires. Photo: Simply Auto

Simply Auto

If you’re into all things organization and efficiency when it comes to your vehicle, this is the app for you. Simply Auto offers great features such as service reminders and mileage recording. Additionally, it keeps track of each time you fill your gas tank. You can even run reports at your leisure to learn more about your vehicle’s running costs and plan your expenses accordingly. There are various price options available to choose from for your individual needs. Even electric vehicles can get in on the action.

Mycar App Logo

MyCar app could be considered the end all be all of car apps. Photo: Google Play Store


I like to call this one the queen of car maintenance apps. MyCar boasts a super clean interface that is popular with its users and offers just about everything you’d need from a car maintenance app. It features service events and reminders, fuel tracking for all types of vehicles and cloud syncing. Cloud syncing gives you the option to access your data from any device. Forget where you parked? Need to start/stop your engine remotely? They’ve got you covered. One of my favorite features is that it can capture information for multiple vehicles. Also, MyCar is compatible with a handful of remote starter and security systems.

Car maintenance is the secret to giving your car a long, happy life. With these great apps, it’s easier than ever to maintain the condition of your vehicle right from your phone.

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