Super Luxe, Super Fast, Super Swag: 2021 Mercedes-AMG E 63 S [Station] Wagon

A Girls Guide To Cars | Super Luxe, Super Fast, Super Swag: 2021 Mercedes-Amg E 63 S [Station] Wagon - E63S Featured

This saucy powerful, and yes, wagon, had me at hello.

There was a time when the station wagon was a staple in every family’s driveway. They were beloved for the flexible cargo space, open cabin and extra seating–who didn’t love rear-facing seats that created a kids-only sanctuary in the cargo area? But then came the capable SUV and the divisive minivan.

Since then, the market for wagons has been slowly shrinking, dominated mostly by enthusiasts who love the sedan-like drive and the extra space. The only brands still building station wagons, apart from Subaru, are European. Still, the wagon remains an ideal family suite on wheels. The super luxe Mercedes-AMG E 63 S wagon takes the family car over the top with no shortage of power and driving enjoyment for mom (or dad).

E63 S Wagon

This is a family-sized sleeper with real power under the hood and true luxury in the passenger cabin. Photo: Connie Peters

Can You Really Love a Family Car?

Yes, I’m professing my love for this absolutely saucy and sporty look for a Mom Car.

Especially when you have actual muscle behind the wheel to power this look. The Mercedes-AMG E 63 S wagon is just that: pure muscle under the hood with a hand-built AMG engine: a 4L twin-turbo V8 that puts out 603 horsepower, 627 lb-ft of torque, all of which equals a roar and a driving finesse that truly feels like a muscle car in a family-friendly body style. The Mercedes-AMG E 63 S wagon lets you merge onto the highway,  hitting 60 mph in 3.4 seconds. That’s especially nice when you need to get to school drop-off in time.

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E 63 S Wagon Badging

The tail end of the E 63 S wagon. The S stands for sport to dispel any doubts that this wagon is powerful . Photo: Connie Peters

Options Drive Up the Price

Being that there is a shortage of materials globally, Mercedes-Benz has announced that there will be no V8 engines available for 2022, so this particular model we tested is not available for the moment. You can still buy the E 450 wagon with a 6-cylinder 362-HP engine for a starting price of $68,400 USD. It is still all-wheel drive and a beautiful choice, it’s just not as fast and powerful as the E 63 S. We’ll test the E 450 4MATIC all-wheel drive wagon in the near future, so stay tuned for that.

All that AMG hand-built lusciousness carries a price, though. The E 63 S wagon starts at $113,500 USD/$127,900 CAD and is no longer even listed on the Mercedes-Benz website (but keep an eye out…if it’s on your vision board you may find a re-sale!).

Ours was equipped with the night package, panoramic sunroof, Intelligent Drive and Premium packages along with 20″ AMG wheels. After all was said and done, this rolling luxury hotel suite carried an MSRP of $122,460 USD/ $140,150 CAD. Wow.

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Want Quick Power? The AMG Steering Wheel Mounted ‘Drive Unit’ is at Your Fingertips

One of my favorite features on this Mercedes-AMG E 63 S wagon is the AMG Drive Unit, a dial on the sportier steering wheel that makes for quick driving customization when you hop in to drive. I always go either into Sport or Sport+ mode but set the suspension to soft, or normal, so it feels like a quick but more comfortable drive. This steering wheel also allows you to totally customize the digital gauge cluster so that you can see only what you want to see on your dashboard as well as on the head-up display. Themes also allow you to switch up the colors on the display, making it truly your own.

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A Girls Guide To Cars | Super Luxe, Super Fast, Super Swag: 2021 Mercedes-Amg E 63 S [Station] Wagon - E63S 3The Interior is not only super luxe, but comfortable and spacious

The interior of this is not only beautiful and luxurious with high tech features and over-the-top amenities like massaging and and heated and cooled seats, it is also appropriately spacious enough to take you and the kids for a road trip. The back seat is spacious and the cargo area has 35 cubic feet of space or 64 when rear seat is folded down.

And if ‘uber-luxury’ is your thing? Well, there are a lot of cars out there with built-in fragrance diffusers that you can set to disperse a scent throughout the cabin at various levels. Yes, when I picked this up, it had a very distinctive musky scent inside. I did turn it off on day two as I found it slightly overpowering. But, yes, car fragrance is a thing in the E 63 S Wagon with the cabin air filtration system.

E 63 S Wagon Interior

The interior is comfortable and spacious. Photo: Connie Peters

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What We Loved

While there is a LOT of luxury and fun to love in the E 63 S Wagon, these were my favorite things:

  • The AMG Drive Unit sport steering wheel
  • The user-friendly MBUX user interface and multi-media system that you can talk to
  • High resolution back-up camera – my all-time favorite of any car I’ve test driven
  • Comfortable seating, sporty drive yet plenty of space for my family of five
  • Absolute driving enjoyment in a family  Car

Who is this Car For

I think this is the perfect Mom Mobile. If you don’t want a boring minivan, an SUV is too big and clumsy, and a small crossover is too small, the E 63 S Wagon is the perfect blend of sass, practicality and just plain old good fun.

Also, it could be great for you if

  • You are kid-less but want cargo for work, business and adventure.
  • You want a performance sedan but with more space.
  • You are in need of high-end luxury and performance with a healthy budget.
  • You want something just as extravagant as a G-Wagen, only a lot less flamboyant.
E63 S Wagon

What a stunner this front-end is. Photo: Connie Peters

An Under the Radar, Over the Top Family Car

I feel like the E 63 S Wagon is a ‘sleeper’ – you know the kind of car that nobody looks at and automatically sees speed, performance and luxury at a glance. Because of its wagon body style, it can fly under the radar (and I mean fly), which also means my kids weren’t embarrassed or mortified (like they were in some other cars) at school pickups and drop-offs. And that’s just fine. We can let the over the top power and luxury be my our little secret.

Disclosure: Mercedes-Benz provided the AMG E63 Wagon for this review; all opinions are my own. 

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