2021 Expedition MAX 4×4 Limited: Eye Catching Exterior with an Outdated Interior?

2021 Ford Expedition Max Review

This all-time favorite may have become just a favorite.

The Expedition hasn’t changed much in the last four years. Ford gave it a major update in 2017 and I fell solidly in love with this massive SUV. Over the years I’ve had the opportunity to drive it many times and I haven’t been disappointed, so when this beautiful glossy Rapid Red 2021 Expedition MAX 4×4 Limited pulled into my driveway to stay for a week I was elated. Here was my favorite big SUV in my favorite color and I couldn’t wait to get inside.

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2021 Expedition Max

The chrome and woodgrain accents help to elevate the interior of the Limited trim. Photo: Erica Mueller

First Impressions Matter

The exterior of the 2021 Ford Expedition is beautifully stylish. It does not look dated or bland. Its beautiful shape and lines make it look both very large and very sophisticated. It doesn’t look like a truck. And in the Rapid Red it could easily compete with some more luxurious SUVs. I smiled every time I walked out the door to go drive it because it’s downright gorgeous. And this first impression over and over again really helped me to overlook some of the interior deficiencies.

2021 Expedition Interior

If you squint you might see the multimedia screen. Photo: Erica Mueller

Move Over, 2021 Expedition MAX (and 2022 too!) the 2023 Expedition is Coming

While the exterior shines, the interior of the 2021 Expedition MAX feels lacking. It’s not that you need anything else, it’s just that we’ve come to expect more from new cars. Things like the ultra-small multimedia screen, analog driver’s display, lack of USB-C charging ports, and even the color and design of the seats made the Expedition feel outdated. In fact, my husband’s comment was “The early two-thousands called and they want their SUV back.”

But worry not! The Ford Expedition gets a major makeover for the 2023 model year and we are expecting big changes to all of the above!

Some highlights from the interior include the ability to seat up to 8 passengers, second-row heated seats with power fold that also tilt and slide to allow for easy entry to the third row. The ambient lighting makes the interior feel roomy and inviting, even in the dark. There are charging options in all three rows and the third row has power folding seats for a painless experience when you need to create more cargo room. We also really enjoyed the premium sound system and wireless charging.

60/40 Split Seats

The 60/40 split second row seat gives you room for an extra passenger, but you can also opt for second-row captains chairs. Photo: Erica Mueller

Driving a Vehicle this Big May Sound Intimidating, but the Expedition Makes it Fun

Yes, it’s huge. And when you’re rolling down the highway, passing smaller cars you definitely feel like you’re driving a tank in comparison, but the ride is much smoother than you’d expect from what is basically a large truck. The 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 engine offers plenty of power to move this massive SUV and the 10-speed automatic transmission makes for a smooth transition between gears. The suspension is firm, but not so stiff that you feel every bump. I really appreciated that the ride was not “squishy” in the corners like I’ve experienced in some larger cars. This is not a boat.

The Expedition comes in two size options including the regular and the MAX. They both offer a 3rd row, but the MAX includes a much larger cargo space behind that third row. When you’re vacationing with the whole family that extra space can make all the difference.

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Expedition 3Rd Row

Possibly the best 3rd row in a full-size SUV. Roomy and comfortable. Photo: Erica Mueller

What You Need to Know About this 2021 Expedition MAX 4×4 Limited

The Expedition’s warranty is pretty standard, offering a 3-year/36,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty, 5-year/60,000-mile powertrain coverage, and a 5-year/60,000-mile roadside assistance program.

The Base Price for the 2021 Ford Expedition MAX is $66,625. But the model we drove was a 4×4 Limited so it included a number of extras like a panoramic moonroof, 360-degree camera, LED headlamps, park assist, premium paint, 22″ wheels, a trailer tow package and more, bringing the final price to $71,635 + a destination and delivery fee of $1,695.

2021 Expedition Max 4X4 Window Sticker

Click to enlarge for detail.

Disclosure: Ford lent me this 2021 Expedition MAX 4×4 Limited for a week so I could use it as my daily driver and write about my experience.

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