2020 Mercedes Benz A220: the Entry-Level Luxury Car That’s Compact and Jam Packed

2020 Mercedes

Though she be but little…she packs a bunch of cool features.

Meet the 2020 Mercedes Benz A220, an entry-level luxury car that’s compact and jam-packed sedan is the entry-level option that gets your foot in the door to own your very own iconic luxury ‘Benz’. You can drive this compact sedan off the lot for a mere $32,800 USD / $37,300 CAD and show up anywhere with pride in your ride.

In the US, it comes standard 2-wheel drive with 4MATIC all-wheel-drive at an additional $2000. In Canada, 4MATIC is standard.

I was pleasantly surprised by all of the interior features and how much I loved the look, feel and functionality of the driver cockpit. The amount of design engineering that goes into this German brand is extensive.

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Mercedes A220 Side

Clean lines and a large sunroof are winning. ?: Connie Peters

What Can you Get in the least expensive Mercedes available? Read on, these are my favorite features:

An Extra Large Sunroof that Opens

I was recently in a luxury SUV that had a beautiful panoramic sunroof but it didn’t open. I love to be able to let fresh air into the vehicle and feel the sunshine with my sunroof, so I was pleasantly surprised with this extra-large sunroof in the A220 that opened almost completely.

A Girls Guide To Cars | 2020 Mercedes Benz A220: The Entry-Level Luxury Car That'S Compact And Jam Packed - Sunroof

The sunroof is large and opens nearly all the way. ?: Connie Peters

Luxury Seating

The seats are very comfortable, and the driver’s seat is also electronically adjustable and even has manual under-leg extenders. The seats are not only comfortable, but they are also beautiful in two-tone white and black with the “Neva Grey/Black MB-Tex” color option that comes only on the AMG trim.

A220 Cockpit

The driver cockpit is sleek and ultra-modern. ?: Connie Peters

Leather and Wood Trim Interior Finishes

The dash is completely made up of luxury materials including wood and leather. The steering wheel is a heavy thick leather that feels fantastic underhand. Even though it took me a few days to find the steering wheel heater switch, which is oddly situated where you can’t see it on the steering column.

The Ambient Lighting is Spaceship Worthy

I love interior ambient lighting, and some non-luxury brands are offering this too (hello Kia Telluride!). The Mercedes Benz A220 lighting can be changed to one of many presets or you can customize the color to your one favorite. I enjoyed that the lighting was not only across the dashboard but also in the heating/cooling vents, behind door handles and at your feet.

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A Girls Guide To Cars | 2020 Mercedes Benz A220: The Entry-Level Luxury Car That'S Compact And Jam Packed - Ambient 2

The circular vents are so modern, they’re a bit spacey, and I’m here for it. ?: Connie Peters

Ultra-modern Heating and Cooling Vents

The round heating and cooling vents are beautiful and as I already mentioned, super spacey and gorgeous. Their upscale look gives the interior the finishing look.

Mercedes A220 Driver

The gear shift stays cleanly off of the center console. ? Connie Peters

Completely Functional and Out-of-the-way Gear Shift

I climbed into the A220 when I picked it up, and I sat staring at the center console pressing buttons and looking all over the place for the gear shift for a few moments before finally seeing the gear shift lever attached to the steering column. What I love about this is that it’s not your old-school move the lever, lever, it’s just a push-up or down gently and it shifts into gear. Watch my video below where I demonstrate how it works.

What I love about this is that it keeps the console free of a gear shift knob or buttons. In a compact sedan, it’s nice to have more clean space that this provides.

A220 Exterior Front

The front grille and badge is a classic Benz stunner. ?: Connie Peters

Drive Modes that Making Driving FUN

I feel like a compact sedan should automatically be fun to drive, and the Mercedes Benz A220 does just that with its 2.0 Litre Turbo 4-cylinder  engine with 188 horsepower. It feels light and easy to handle yet responsive and especially agile in Sport Mode.

The A220 offers four drive modes: Eco, Comfort, Sport and Individual (custom). If I were to own this car, I would customize and go Individual with some of the Sport mode’s feel like it’s tight steering, suspension, and transmission adjustments.

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A220 Driver Door

The seat adjustments are placed on the door. ?: Connie Peters

Seat Adjustments You Don’t See Everyday

The leg extenders on both driver and passenger seats are handy for someone with extra long legs. They are manually adjusted and are very easy to pull out and push back in to customize for different height individuals.

Hey Mercedes!

The User Experience system in the A220 is extremely intuitive, and the A-Class in Mercedes was the first in the lineup of models to get this system. Just say “Hey Mercedes” to ask for a cooler temperature, turn on the seat heaters and more. Just watch my video above.

A Girls Guide To Cars | 2020 Mercedes Benz A220: The Entry-Level Luxury Car That'S Compact And Jam Packed - Img 4359

That 10.25″ Screen though…

I’m a big fan of a single infotainment screen (versus dual), but I have never seen a screen combining the instrument display with the infotainment system until I climbed into the A220 and I’m here for it. It’s modern, clean, and it makes the dash look and feels so modern and forward-thinking.

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Safety Options are On Point

The safety features on the base model include active braking, crosswind assist, and brake assist. For the $2250 Driver Assistance package, you’ll get active steering assist, evasive steering assist, active brake assist with cross-traffic, active emergency stop assist, active speed limit assist, lane-keeping assist, blind-spot assist and lane-change assist as well as enhanced stop-and-go.

Hey Mercedes, I Think You’re Pretty Great!

The Mercedes A220 is jam-packed with features and a whole lot of fun to drive. I liked the size, design, and feel of it and would definitely not be mad about driving it on a daily basis.


2020 Mercedes Benz A220

Living my best life with the beautiful Mercedes Benz A220. ?: Connie Peters

The Mercedes A220 AMG was provided for one week to facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

A Girls Guide To Cars | 2020 Mercedes Benz A220: The Entry-Level Luxury Car That'S Compact And Jam Packed - Mercedsa220

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