Infiniti QX30 AWD Review: Form Meets Function Meets In This Compact Luxury SUV

A Girls Guide To Cars | Infiniti Qx30 Awd Review: Form Meets Function Meets In This Compact Luxury Suv - The Infiniti Qx30 Suv Featured Image

Liquid Copper Is A Remarkable Shade On This Infiniti Qx30

Liquid Copper is a remarkable shade on this Infiniti QX30. Photo: Teia Collier

Wonderful things come in small packages, right?

Not long ago I got to spend some time in the gorgeous 2018 Infiniti QX30 4WD Premium. I was ripping and running all week and this compact SUV met the challenge. Comfortably outfitted with all the bells, whistles and safety features to make this Mama happy, it was a good week.

The Infiniti QX30 is a compact SUV, and even though it’s smaller, it’s perfect for the small family or a couple who loves the flexibility of a smaller vehicle. Comfortably seating for four, thoughtfully designed and well appointed with the technology and navigational upgrades that you expect in a luxury car. We spent a week putting this vehicle through its paces.

The first thing you might notice if you are a luxury car aficionado is that there are distinct similarities between the QX30 and Mercedes-Benz. That’s because Infiniti collaborated with Mercedes-Benz to build this car which has GLA-inspired details such as controls on the steering wheel, the seat adjustments on the door panels and the size and shape of the car.

Who This Car is For:

  • Singles, couples or small families with no more than two car seats
  • Professionals who love a luxurious ride with the get-up and go of a sportier vehicle
  • New parents who will appreciate a crossover for the ease of getting an infant carrier in and out of the car
  • Women, with plenty of daily gear {i.e. purse, gym bag and yoga mat} who long for a plush car with plenty of space, forward thinking technology, organizational tools and great timeless lines
  • Urbanites who enjoy an understated, but undeniably luxurious vehicle

What the QX30 Costs:

  • Base model starts at $37,400, includes Intelligent AWD, 8 way power seats, heated front seats, memory seats and mirrors.
  • Comfortably outfitted at $43,000 including Infiniti 4G WiFi, roof rails, extended front and side panels, wide, panoramic moon roof, Bose Speaker Audio System and LED Fog Lights.


Wood Paneling On The Center Console - Compact Luxury Suv

Wood paneling on the center console provides an extra touch of luxury Photo: Teia Collier

What’s On the Inside

Once inside, I noticed the natural wood detailing, the suede accents on the door and dash and the buttery softness of the leather seating. The contrast paneling paired with the contrast stitching add a nice touch. The smooth lines of the interior, pebbled leathers, gently molded sound system and thoughtful placement of the seat directional buttons on the door panels give the car an elegant feel.

Fine Details Add To The Driving Experience - Compact Luxury Suv

Fine details add to the driving experience. Photo: Teia Collier

The intuitive technology, including the communications system and the user-friendly navigational system, made learning to use them easy. The navigation panel is easy-to-read, non-distracting and streamlined.  It can be used via touch screen or from the nifty controllers on either side of the steering wheel.  The discreet beverage holders for the driver and front seat passengers do not distract from the beauty of this crossover. Luxury car fans will be pleased with this moderately-priced compact vehicle.

Amenities to Make Passengers Feel Special

The QX30 is best suited to four passengers to maintain access to the rear folding console. My children loved the wide moon roof and the front and back seat warmers. There are plenty of cup holders and they are deep enough to hold our hot grande sized Starbucks cups and not be disturbed, even over pot holes and the bumpy roads of White Rock. There are multiple organizational pockets and deep storage nooks, perfect for holding tablets. And the pretty spectacular Bose sound system won them over. My family of 4, including my son in a full sized car seat, was comfortably seated, but no more would fit easily into this compact SUV.

I loved the push button start, remote entry, deep trunk space (enough to hold a stroller and 5 bags of groceries), wide moon roof, heated seats and great gas mileage – 24 city and 33 highway.  The Infiniti InTouch system let me check my email, listen to messages, make calls and stay connected with the touch of a button.  I also adored the quiet purr of the engine, the get-up and go when I needed it, the Intelligent Park Assist is a boon and a nice compliment to the the Infiniti Qx30’s sleek profile and the unabashed beauty.  I felt distinct, connected, elegant and fashionable in this car.

Small But Capable For All a Suburban Mom’s Needs

During my test drive I ran through my regular paces. Pit stops at Target, groceries at Whole Foods, serving as a taxi for my kids between school functions and family activities, popping into a couple of social events, and an impromptu trip from Dallas to Abilene to see my college bestie. The Infiniti QX30 Premium AWD performed beautifully and carried me and my crew with ease.  I also really enjoyed the lane departure and blindspot sensors for highway driving and the 12V plug in the console with enough gusto to power my asthmatic son’s nebulizer. The dual-USB port was great for easy charging of our various devices.


Compact Luxury Suv With Plenty Of Cargo Space

What I Loved

  • This compact luxury SUV is thoughtfully designed from the 8 way seat posititioners, extended side panels, sleek lines, panoramic moon roof and deep cup holders, the passengers are considered and well cared for.
  • The profiles and lines of this car are timeless, luxurious and modern.  This easily fits into the upper-end of style lines for crossover vehicles.  The echo of the Infiniti – Mercedes-Benz partnership is visible.
  • The Liquid Copper shade of paint is modern, memorable and stunning.
  • Wide trunk space is a boon and makes life more fun.  I was easily able to fit a full-sized single stroller, groceries and school gear in the trunk with space left over.
  • The 10 speaker Bose sound system feels special and is perfectly suited to this vehicle.  The sound system is easily adjustable, intuitive for the user while producing a sound that is rich and full.  My audiobooks sounded fantastic, and it made the trek from Dallas to Abilene pleasurable.
  • Luxurious touches like leather seating, contrast stitching remind me to pay attention to the details and enjoy the ride.
  • LED Fog Lights are really nice on the dark roads of North Texas.

What You Need to Know

  • This vehicle is suited best to singles and small families
  • The back seats are not ideally suited to tall humans. My daughter at 5’4” hits the top range for the backseats, without leaning and awkward adjusting.

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Disclosure: The Infiniti QX30 was provided for my review, but all opinions are my own.

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