5 Things Not to Miss at the 2018 Atlanta Auto Show

The Bright Orange Chevrolet Camero Is Sure To Be A Big Draw At The 2018 Atlanta Auto Show.
Chevy gave away Camero cars during media day...but not the kind you can drive home in. Photo: Maria Smith

Got plans for this weekend? You do now!

The Atlanta Auto Show is in town through Sunday and this is a show you’re going to want to check out!

The 2018 Atlanta Auto Show is not just for gear heads. In fact, it is more aimed at casual auto enthusiasts and families. There are tons of opportunities for children to enjoy themselves here too. Don’t worry about the cool rainy weather, spend some time indoors.

There'S So Much To See At The 2018 Atlanta Auto Show. Bring The Whole Family.

Photo: Maria Smith

You can look for specific information on cars you might actually buy. You can look at the premium models that are a little more than your probably spend but are still nice to look at. And you can drool over your when-the-kids-are-out-of-the-house dream cars. They are all at the Atlanta Auto Show!

5 Things You Can’t Miss at the 2018 Atlanta Auto Show

1. Nissan’s Star Wars Exhibit


If you are any kind of a Star Wars fan, make a beeline at the Atlanta Auto Show to the Nissan area. They have put together a super cool exhibit with some of your favorite Star Wars characters and cars (of course). You can take a photo with a stormtrooper, see if you can spy BB8, and ooh and ahh over the ultra-modern fleet of specially-designed Star Wars cars!

 2. KIA Soul Hamsters

Yes. The Kia Soul Hamsters Will Be Performing During The 2018 Atlanta Auto Show.

Don’t miss the Kia Soul hamsters performing! Photo: Maria Smith

You know that song from the Kia Soul commercial you can’t get out of your head? Get ready to get that catchy earworm again! This year you can rock out at the Atlanta Auto Show along with the Kia Soul Hamsters. Be sure to check the schedule for these super fun mini-concerts. You can even record a video yourself and take a virtual ride in the Kia Soul along with the hipster hamsters! Super fun for kids or kids at heart.

3. Character Experiences

Black Panther, Spiderman And Others Will Be On Hand At The 2018 Atlanta Auto Show.

Meet Black Panther and other characters this week. Photo: Maria Smith

There are more than just cars at the Atlanta Auto Show. Everyone will be lined up to meet some of today’s most popular movie characters too. Black Panther will even be making an appearance, as will Spiderman and Scooby Doo. Just get there early because you know the lines will be long and you know your kids will want to wait in them!

You can also get a close up look at the luxurious Lexus LC500 which was seen in “Black Panther”. The Kingdom of Wakanda lives!


3. Upcoming Cars and Trucks for 2019 

The 2019 Toyota Avalon Is One Of The 2019 Model Year Cars Featured At The Atlanta Auto Show.

The 2019 Toyota Avalon features next-generation technology. Photo: Maria Smith

Sure you can see the new 2018 cars, trucks, SUVs, minivans and other vehicles at the Atlanta Auto Show, but did you know you’ll also be able to check out some 2019 models too? While not all car manufacturers are bringing 2019 model year cars, there are some here. The 2019 Toyota Avalon is ultra-sleek and will include Amazon Alexa so you can have your connected home be connected to your connected car. It’s fun to be the cool kid who has experienced the next greatest thing every once in awhile.

4. Dream Cars (Stinger, Corvette ZR1)

Sure you can experience the cars that are in your price range and the ones you see lining up at carpools. But you can also check out the dream cars you may never see in your everyday life. Not only can you see these hip, chic luxury vehicles but you can sit in them, feel their smooth leather, and maybe take a photo to add to your vision board!

Can’t Make it to Atlanta? The New York Auto Show Kicks off Next week!

 5. Ford Performance Simulator

Expect A Line For The Ford Simulator At The 2018 Atlanta Auto Show.

Expect a line for the Ford Simulator at the 2018 Atlanta Auto Show. Photo: Maria Smith

This is another exhibit that is sure to draw a crowd. Ford Motor Company has brought their Ford Simulator to the Atlanta Auto Show this year. If you have to sign a waiver to get on a ride you know it will be good.

Oh, and while your family is distracted by all these fun things, this is an excellent time to shop for a new car! You can shop across brands and models, ask questions of the product specialists (not sales reps!), and take a test drive at the show’s ride and drive (bring your license and be prepared to sign a waiver and take a breathalyzer test).

The Atlanta Auto Show runs through March 25th at 235 Northside Drive, Building C, Atlanta GA. Tickets (cash only) are $12 for adults, $6 for children age 6-12 and free for kids 5 and under.

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