2017 Ford Escape SE: Conveniences in this Compact SUV Make Road Tripping a Breeze

2017 Ford Escape Family Crossover Is A Compact Suv

Technology so intuitive even my jet-lagged brain had no problem figuring it all out.

I traveled to Orlando, Florida, recently with my kids for a trip to visit the theme parks. During the trip I was able to test out a 2017 Ford Escape SE crossover. Upon landing at the airport and picking up the Escape, the first thing I noticed was the Canyon Ridge Metallic color, which in Texas we call burnt orange, the team color of the University of Texas Longhorns. I also noted the price of the car: $31,400 and was curious to find out what the Escape offers for that price. It took driving around Orlando for the week to discover why people like this small SUV and some smart things it offers for the money.

Flight delays, tired kids and lots of luggage? We could still easily “Escape” to our hotel

There were a lot of things about the 2017 Ford Escape that I quickly appreciated when we picked it up at the airport. Our flight was delayed and we ended up picking up the Escape around 1 AM. When you are traveling with 3 children and the travel day has exceeded 14 hours, you need things to go easily when you land.

The first thing I found super easy was getting all of our luggage into the Escape. The trunk is a good size, there is no ‘lip’ to the cargo space so bags easily slide in and we fit all of our luggage without any struggle or having to rearrange it.

Navigation System At Night 2017 Ford Escape

Navigation that lets you skip toll roads: Worth its weight in gold

The second thing that was easy for me was inputting our hotel into the navigation system and pulling up directions, because the dash and the navigation touch screen display is well lit at night. On the navigation the current speed limit is displayed, along with the time and outside temperature. This is great for traveling. I hate it when I am driving around, unsure what the speed limit is especially in the middle of the night. We were able to quickly get to our hotel, despite hitting a few toll roads!

The next day when I had some sleep and more brain power I went into the settings and adjusted the navigation so we would avoid toll roads completely. This can be challenging since there are toll roads all over Florida.

One thing that surprised me at night was the clarity and color of the backup camera. Although the parking lot I was in was well lit, it appears brighter on the screen. 2017 Ford Escape Back Up Camera

I know this sounds spoiled, but when I review a car, I like one with all the bells and whistles. I mean, when doing car stories I like to see all the best a brand has to offer. While I didn’t get a fully loaded Escape, I have to admit the one they gave me was great.

In fact, it got better gas mileage than the model my friend Kendra drove to Orlando as part of the same trip; hers was was the fully loaded Titanium. And, personally, I don’t mind giving up a few things for better gas mileage.A Ford Selfie In The 2017 Ford Escape

Sync 3 and apps for a little extra help on the road

The features I least expected to have were the apps in the app menu. Seeing that there was a travel app, my curiosity was immediately piqued. When I clicked on it, I was delighted by what I found. You can check the ski conditions and look up movie times! Even better, there is a fuel price selection that will help you find cheaper gas.

2017 Ford Escape Travel AppsMaking the comparison: Titanium versus SE

As luck would have it we, Kendra and I, bumped into each other at SeaWorld Orlando. It was sort of like seeing your twin in a different outfit: I saw the car and knew it was her! Having the two Escape models there, we decided to do a side by side comparison of the Titanium and the SE. Some of the differences were quickly noticeable such as the upgraded Sony sound system, adaptive cruise control, leather seating and self-parking park assist; other differences were not so noticeable. What they both had in common was how solid we each felt they were. Here is our video of the comparison of the Ford Escape models:

What I liked the most about the 2017 Ford Escape

  • Lots of charging outlets – There are 5 charging outlets, one for each passenger.
  • Household plug in back row
  • Backseat climate control
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Storage space
  • Automatic lift gate

Here is a short video of my favorite features on the 2017 Ford Escape.

What we listened to in the Ford Escape

We thought the Escape was such a peppy car that it demanded a peppy soundtrack. Here’s what sounded really good in this car.

Is The 2017 Ford Escape The Right Small Suv For Your Family? Here Is What One Travleing Family Thought.

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