The Country Girl in the 2015 Ford F-150 4×4 Supercrew

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Have you ever driven a big pick-up in a small town? It’s an experiment I dare you to try: the smiles and nods from the country boys will make you grin from ear to ear and you’ll step a little lighter in your boots when you climb out. I’ve driven a lot of trucks, but in northeast Texas, the F-150 Ford is King and the good ol’ boys love themselves a gal who drives a real truck.

I was raised on a farm. The love of trucks is in my blood and if I had a choice, I’d drive a 4-door and call it a family car. I’d pick a truck any day over a sports car and the 2015 Ford F-150 is on my top-3 list. And here’s why:

Things You Should Know

3.5L V6 ecoboost engine
electric 6-speed automatic w/tow mode
23 mpg hwy
starts at $51,920
named best technology from TAWA

Things I Love

tailgate step
adaptive cruise control
2nd row heated seats
memory drivers seat
360 degree camera view

With the King Ranch 2015 Ford F-150 you really can judge a book by its cover

One look at this truck and you wonder if the inside is as beautiful as the outside and you decide that if it is, you want one. The model we drove was a King Ranch which is basically top-shelf goodness. Smooth lines, rich tones, and a sharp woodsy taste. Oh wait. We were talking about a truck, not bourbon. My bad. Anyway, it’s GOOD.

When trying to decide on my favorite design aspect I kept coming back to the LED headlamps. I love the modern look that is both sleek and bad-ass. Then the tailgate step for short people? Genius. I have no idea why someone didn’t think of that sooner, and I’ve decided it’s a must-have for my future truck.

My husband and his brother said the power running boards drove them crazy, but the kids and I loved them. When you’re under 6′ tall, getting into a big tall truck can be a challenge. I can jump, but not in a dress and I really enjoyed not having to boost the kids into the truck.

The power fold-in side view mirrors are something else I’ve come to appreciate about the trucks on the market these days. We have a carport and the bays are narrow so fold-in mirrors means the difference between being able to park under cover, or not. They’re also incredibly handy at drive-thrus, banks, and the ATM.

The F-150 boasts a first rate interior that doesn’t disappoint

Welcome to the new-leather smell of a western boot store. Breathe deep. Sit back and enjoy a massage. I’m not kidding. The F-150’s front bucket seats massage. Dreaming… Wait! Wake up! You have to drive. Eyes on the road, girlfriend!

I’ve driven trucks that were a little too fancy; I want to feel like I’m in a truck, not a limo. Then I’ve driven the base-model work trucks. The F-150, even the King Ranch edition, sits perfectly in the middle with just enough class and modern features to feel up-to-date and classy, but Ford doesn’t go overboard and make the truck feel unusable. I feel like they got it just right, and judging by the 2017s I saw at the Super Duty reveal in Dallas, the engineers know exactly what their audience is looking for in a work truck.

The leg room in the F-150 is incredible. This truck can seat 5 adults comfortably. I feel like we could totally call it a family car and it would grow with our boys. When the back seats are flipped up there’s enough space to move half our family’s belongings. No joke.

We used the truck for a construction project, so the interior ended up littered with wood chips. And they vacuumed right out. I was very pleased with how easy the carpets were to clean!

Why the Ford F-150?

I’m not sure where to list our favorite feature, since it’s mounted on the outside, but the benefit is on the inside…

360 degree camera view. Seriously, brilliant. We couldn’t get over how handy it was for parking. No more wondering if you’re evenly parked between the lines, too far forward, or leaving your tail in the lane! My husband said that feature alone was worth the price of the truck. I don’t know about that, but it sure is handy and something we hope to see a lot of in the future.

It’s pretty easy to see why Ford’s F-Series was named Truck Line of the Year and the F-150 earned Best in Technology by the Texas Auto Writers Association. The F-150 also took home AutoJudge’s Truck of the Year in Las Vegas at SEMA, and SEMA’s own Hottest Truck of the Year !


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