NASCAR Hall of Fame

In the same way that you don’t have to be an artist to enjoy a tour through a sculpture garden, you don’t have to know about NASCAR to enjoy a stroll through the Hall of Fame. If you’re in the Charlotte area and need something fun to keep the kids occupied, look no further than the Hall of Fame. These are some of my favorite things about the HoF.


When you first walk into the Hall of Fame, you can’t help but look up at the cars fixed along the wall. These are real-life cars ned up on a banked oval inside the building.

The Hall of Honor includes  trophies, ribbons, awards, race suits, and photographs with personal effects like race hats.  I had no idea how much racing has changed over the years — especially when it comes to safety!

Fire Suits & TrophieS

Interactive Touchscreen

Whether you’re a fan or not, playing with the interactive touchscreens could easily be an exciting experience for the whole family. Want to see what is inside the car’s motor? Tap on the screen and watch it rev.

If the kids or your husband need something to interact with, they can enjoy the drive simulator, the pit road challenge, and even sit in a race car seat.

Family-Friendly Competition


The High Octane Theater frequently hosts fun, family-friendly events in its 278 seats. Plan your exhibit to coincide with a race-watching party or the screening of a movie to see the fun of NASCAR on the big screen.

Like all museums, the NASCAR Hall of Fame includes time-sensitive, temporary exhibits that really dive deep into certain elements of the sport.

Unique ExhibitS

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