Cars in the Barbie Movie: A Bevy of Chevy Barbie Dream Car

Barbie's dream cars inspire us to get behind the wheel.  In the Barbie Movie, even more, with a classic Corvette and a futuristic Blazer EV as supporting characters.

the barbie jeep

I have to start here, not with one of the cars in the movie. When my daughters were 2 and 5, we bought an electric-powered Barbie Jeep for them to drive up and down the driveway.

Every girl should have a fabulous, freeing convertible in her lifetime. In this case, a classic Corvette sets Barbie and Ken free.



Chevrolet sponsored this film, and most of their cars appeared in it. Unlike Barbieland's pink historic cars, the Chevy Blazer EV is deep blue and electric, representing the future.

Capturing one of the hottest pop culture trends of the day, Barbie and Ken get away from it all in a camper van— a classic VW Bus. We get it. We can’t get enough of it, either.


chevrolet suburban

Barbie finds out what it’s like to be just like everyone else, riding in the back of a Chevy Suburban SUV, ensconced in comfort and pampering, no doubt, and learning to appreciate things like captains chairs and a running board.

Ken isn’t left out; he gets his dream car, too: the GMC Hummer, which in real life is filled with all the cool features boys love, from super fast acceleration to a 4-wheel drive system that can drive over anything.


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