I Used Capital One Auto Navigator Car Loan App TO BUY MY CAR

This all-in-one app helps you find your car, apply for financing, and see your payment by adjusting your price, downpayment, credit score, and loan length, eliminating confusion and keeping things simple.

And it was the easiest part of the purchase

One of the things I hate about buying a car is financing. Talking to my bank, checking my credit score (ugh), filling out forms (double ugh), sifting through finance rates, loan terms and more can be frustrating and confusing.

I’ve been a fan of Capital One Cafes for a while and a fan of my Capital One credit card, so I decided to give the company’s Auto Navigator car financing service a shot. I downloaded the car loan app and boom! I was on my way.

First, I filled out some basic information. Capital One pre-approved a loan limit before I began shopping. This gave me the confidence that I could be flexible and not get stuck negotiating small points to get a set monthly payment or price.

How Auto Navigator Work

I was able to weigh the terms of different loan lengths. In the app, I could see and adjust the downpayment, trade-in value, price of the car, interest rate, and loan length of 4-year, 5-year, or 7-year loans (shudder!).

Then I could shop the cars in the Auto Navigator database. It has a number of filters for different types of cars, prices, features, etc. Also, I could set a distance from home. I liked that I could shop with a dealer that wasn’t close to home.

You Can Shop for a Car in the Auto Navigator App, Too

Even when negotiating the purchase at the dealership, I could adjust the terms of the loan on my Auto Navigator app, changing the downpayment, price and loan length to see the interest rate and monthly payment.

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