How to Buy a Car if You Have Bad Credit: 6 Tips

Monroney Car Sticker
The Monroney "Sticker" explains options and fuel costs of new cars; it's a good tool in shopping for a car

Many factors come into play when buying a car: what kind of car you need, what you can afford, how you will buy it and how you can finance it.

The Monroney Report Explains Options And Fuel Costs Of New Cars

The Monroney report explains options and fuel costs of new cars

The last one can be a deal breaker for many who want to buy a car, particularly those with poor credit. And as the end of the year approaches and bargain hunters seek out deals on 2013 cars, the problem becomes acute., an online direct lending site, just published its Top Tips for Buying a Car with Less-than-Prime Credit.

1. Be Realistic About What is Affordable – Start with Actual Cost of Ownership!

2. Assess Current Credit Situation – and Improve It

3. Get Financed Online – and Early

4. Understand Trade-In Value

5. Be the Vehicle’s Encyclopedia

6. Ignore the Myths, Listen to the Reality

Click here for the complete explanation of each tip.

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