Surprising Style and Grace in the 2019 Toyota Avalon

Featured Image Jessica Doll With The Toyota Avalon

I’m not a full-size sedan person, so this one caught me by surprise.

By Jessica Doll,

I grew up around cars. My grandpa raced cars, my dad was into cars and in high school I hung out with the car club. I have taken a few autocross lessons and had fun. I like to drive! Now, as San Francisco based photographer focused on style and travel, and as a mom of two boys, I drive a luxury compact crossover. So when I had the opportunity to try out the 2019 Toyota Avalon Touring edition, I had some hesitations; I’m not a full size sedan person.

The Toyota Avalon: A Pleasant Surprise 

The Avalon was a surprise. I don’t like to feel like I’m driving a huge car. While this car is a full size sedan, it doesn’t feel like one. That’s probably partly because of the different driving modes. It has great pickup and four modes: in sport mode you can use the fun paddle shifters, there is normal mode, eco sport and sport plus, which is what I drove around in all week.

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Toyota Avalon

Toyota Avalon. Photo: Jessica Doll

Unexpected Style for a Sedan

I wasn’t expecting luxury so that was a nice surprised in the Avalon, too. The model I drove was Wind Chill Pearl White which has sparkles in the paint and black accents on the wheels and side mirrors. This gives the Avalon a more modern look. In the front it has a more aggressive grille and sleek headlights.

But inside is where a lot of the magic is. Even getting in is magic: if key is in your pocket just pull the door handle and it unlocks.

Toyota Avalon

Jessica Doll shows off the 2019 Toyota Avalon interior

All the Necessities for a Family: Luxury Details and Smart Technology 

Inside, the interior is black leather with tan stitching. It’s nice; some cars have an aggressively sporty look and that’s often too aggressive for my taste. But the Avalon is nicely done.

Then, there’s a push button start and a touch screen dash. There are control options on the steering wheel; this is great, you don’t have to look around for things while you’re driving.

Toyota Avalon

The 2019 Toyota Avalon against a twilight sky. Photo: Jessica Doll

Other features I really liked: 

  • There are cameras all around that help with parking; with the push of a button you can have a 360 degree view. It sort of feels like a video game, but you can see the lines on the pavement for backing up
  • There is a dual zone climate control; if you have a passenger who is freezing you can be comfortable
  • This car even has heated seats in the back, which is nice –my boys loved that!
  • The Avalon has a large trunk with a cargo net to help keep things in place
  • Automatic high beams are helpful; it’s great to have them on and not worry about having to control them all the time
  • There is a wireless charging pad for charging your phone
  • There are 3 USB ports in the front; two are in the deep center console, and there are another two USB ports in the back seat; this is super important for kids on road trips


Jessica Doll With The Toyota Camry

Jessica Doll with the Toyota Avalon

You can see my full tour of the Toyota Avalon in my Facebook live broadcast:

Disclosure: The Avalon was provided by Toyota for this story; all opinions are my own.

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