She Was Supposed to Be Buying Cat Food. She Ended Up Buying a Ford Mustang Convertible

Buying A Mustang Convertible
How I Ended Up Buying Two Ford Cars When I Was Supposed To Be Buying Cat Food

Tracy in front of her house with her new Mustang toasting her success with a glass of sparkling cider. Photo: Wayne Augustine

And, her husband got a new Ford Edge, so there’s harmony in the house.

I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing the transformation of an incredible and courageous human being. Meet my friend, Tracy Trumowicz Augustin. Although they write mainly about food, they also test out cars and the Ford Mustang was one of those cars.

I met Tracy about five years ago at a media event. We hit it off quickly and soon became friends. Not the kind of friends who hang out every day or talk daily, but the kind you meet at events and shoot the breeze, send hilarious memes to and the kind of friends who support one another.

Buying A Mustang

Tracy before the weight loss. Photo: Wayne Augustine

 A Life Transformation Leads to a New Mustang 

A few years back Tracy told me she was going to make some life changes that would require a lot of hard work and dedication. Fast forward to 2019, Tracy did everything she said she would, which included losing 85 pounds. But there was one thing she didn’t tell me, which I discovered on Facebook one evening: That she bought not one, but two, awesome Ford cars!

She and her hubby went out to buy cat food one day and came home with a 2018 Mustang twin turbo 2.3 convertible with sport and “blackout package” and a 2018 Edge Titanium in silver with a two-tone black and tan interior.

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Buying A Mustang

Tracy sitting in the Mustang she and her husband test drove. Photo: Wayne Augustine

After Owning Her Mustang for About a Month, Here’s What Tracy Says About her Experience.

Shortly after test driving a Ford Mustang for a story on their blog, Tracy and her husband Wayne went to the store to buy cat food. Along the way they got distracted and ended up at a Ford dealership looking at a Mustang and and then, at a Ford Edge. Which they ended up driving home! Here’s how that happened:

Tracy Trumpowicz Augustin: Both my husband and I needed a car. Our first thought was for him to keep his 2009 Ford Edge (fix it up a bit) and replace my 2007 VW EOS with something we both could enjoy driving. Secondly, we thought about keeping and fixing up the EOS. As you see, we didn’t do either!

DGT: Did you go with the Mustang due to your awesome weight loss transformation?

TTA: Yes, it is why I did. I wanted to celebrate my new beginning, and show my new confidence.

DGT: Did you purchase it from a Mustang Dealership? And if so what was your experience?

TTA: Yes- Greco Ford in Delray Beach. Wonderful experience! The salesman was patient with us and not pushy. Thank you Mark Lagares!!!!

DGT: How does it feel when you get behind the wheel to drive the car?

TTA: SEXY! I feel like a hot babe driving it. At age 64, I go to the gym daily and with hard work and dedication, I lost 85 pounds. I feel great!

DGT: You go, girl! Congrats! What is your overall impression of the convertible now that you have had it for a few weeks.

TTA: We have used it more in the first few weeks than we ever did with the VW. It’s fast, quiet and the wind is not swirling around the interior! It is a much better experience.

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Buying A Ford Mustang When I Was Supposed To Be Buying Cat Food. Photo Credit: Wayne Augustine

Tracy standing in front of her New Mustang drinking Sparkling Cider!

DGT: I love the color! Why did you pick black?

TTA: I have always loved black, and my previous three cars were black. Especially with the all black wheels—this thing makes a statement.

DGT: Did you purchase or lease and why?

TTA: We intend on keeping cars for some time, so buying seemed a better option ( also these were a year old and leasing was not available)

DGT: What are some of your favorite features?

TTA: Air-conditioned Seats! And this one ha a unique look in a sea of common-looking Mustangs. XM Radio, Back up camera, CONVERTIBLE! Driving is a thrill when the twin turbos kick in…And of course- stepping out of your car at night and having your path lit up by a Mustang symbol shining on the pavement. ???

DGT: What desires is this beautiful black Mustang fulfilling in your life?

TTA:  It gives me a new sense of confidence with the stare of men! Anytime I need a thrill……HIT THE GAS BABY!

DGT: Now that you have this really cool car what is your dream road trip?

TTA: The 4 hour trip to KEY WEST! (It might be less in this baby!)

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Buying A Ford Mustang When I Was Suppose To Be Buying Cat Food

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