Mazda CX-3 GT: a Cool Compact SUV for a Cool Girl

A Girls Guide To Cars | Mazda Cx-3 Gt: A Cool Compact Suv For A Cool Girl - Mazda Cx3 Featured

The 2019 Mazda CX-3 GT updates result in one cool compact ride.

The compact SUV was newly updated for 2019 and provides a sleek package for everyday living, in both the city and country. I was impressed with how many features and options were included in the Mazda CX-3 GT at this price point.

My first car wasn’t nearly this cool, I had a little hatchback and even though I loved it’s bright blue color, it didn’t boast nearly as many features and luxury (like leather seating!) as the CX-3 does. I would have been the coolest 16-year-old around if I’d had the CX-3 GT to drive my friends around in!

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Electronic Emergency Brake and more New for 2019

The Mazda CX-3 has an electronic emergency brake system new for 2019, which means that if you start the car and put it in gear without your seatbelt on, you have to release the parking brake manually by pushing the button. When your seatbelt is on, it releases automatically when you press the accelerator, and if you belt-up before putting it in gear, it is automatically released.

THIS is the perfect feature for a young, new driver because let’s face it – they may not always think to put their seatbelt on! Another reason why I think this might be the perfect FIRST car!

The other major update is that Apple Carplay and Android are standard in the CX-3. I don’t know if I could function without Apple CarPlay anymore. I use it for voice texting, maps, and music, daily.

In Canada, the unlimited mileage warranty is now standard on all Mazda CX-3 model trims.

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Mazda Cx3

The simple lines of the CX3 compact SUV. Connie Peters

Mazda CX-3 GT’s Sporty New Style Does Not Disappoint

I loved the sporty features including the black body around the wheel wells, lower ground clearance, but not too low, and the new fuller front grille.

Mazda lovers love Mazda for its clean lines and lux features, and I completely agree with this new design. I especially loved the new Soul Red Crystal Metallic paint color too. It’s just slightly more saturated than the previous year’s red.

Mazda Cx-3 Gt

The signature Mazda grille. ?: Connie Peters

Is the CX-3 Big Enough for Families?

It’s a cute sub-compact SUV, but is it for families? I would say the backseat is a little tight. I don’t need car seats anymore but from the reviews I’ve read, the backseat may not be large enough for rear-facing car seats. The cargo area does seem a little tight for a stroller too. If you have one child, you can probably get away with this one.

If you’re a growing family, I would make the jump to the CX-5 or even the 3-row CX-9.

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Mazda Cx3 Outward Visibility

Outward visibility. ?: Connie Peters

Leather Seating and GT Trim give it an Elevated Feel

The leather seating in the GT trim feels high-end with the white stitching and white leather accents. I think the white leather accents elevate the look, including the doors as shown below.

Mazda Cx3 Interior Detail.

Interior white leather accents. ?: Connie Peters

Plenty of Amenities including 4 Cupholders

There are cup holders for everyone- two in the front center console and two in the rear center console.

As for USB chargers, there are two in the front and your rear passengers will have to ask you to charge their devices for them. There is also no dual or rear climate control.

Cx-3 Rear Center Console.

The rear center console. Connie Peters

Legroom in the Back Row is Kid-Friendly

The legroom for children is ample, but I wouldn’t want to take adults on a road trip in the CX-3, as you can see.

The driver’s side offers power seat adjustments whereas the passenger is manual.

Cx-3 Trunk And Cargo

There is plenty of space in the Trunk of the CX-3. Connie Peters

A Nice Clean Design

The driver cockpit is simple with clean lines and easy access for the driver to reach everything.

Cx3 Driver Cockpit

Driver cockpit on the CX-3: Connie Peters

A Cool Compact SUV for All

With so many safety features, its cool lines and reasonable price point, the Mazda CX-3 makes for a great purchase. I think the CX-3 could be the ideal first car for my teen, and I would want to take it out myself sometimes too!

Disclosure: The Mazda CX-3 GT was provided for one week by Mazda Canada for the purpose of review.

A Girls Guide To Cars | Mazda Cx-3 Gt: A Cool Compact Suv For A Cool Girl - Mazda

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