Lincoln Celebrates 100 Years With the Electric Lincoln Star Concept Car

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Lincoln Star Concept guides future design for electric rollout.

Happy 100th Birthday, Lincoln!

Lincoln introduced the Lincoln Star Concept Car to celebrate its centennial birthday. Markedly, the Star is a guiding inspiration for an electrified portfolio. Lincoln envisions this rollout carrying the brand forward into the future.

The unveiling party took place at NeueHouse, the former CBS Recording Studio where “The Lucille Ball Show” was taped. A most fitting venue, given that Lucy & Desi drove a Lincoln.

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Lincoln Concept Vehicle. Photo: Lincoln

Lincoln Concept vehicle. Photo: Lincoln

It’s All About New, Luxurious Experiences

Now, imagine boarding a private jet with First Class seating. You have ample leg space, full recline, an individual screen, tray table, and mood lighting. Simultaneously, imagine being on the deck of a private yacht. Experience the ocean breeze, the sound of the waves, and a refreshing drink chilling in a cooler. Surely, these scenarios appeal to you. Therefore, you’d be pleased to know that luxury experiences are in the works to become the norm for both drivers and passengers in the fully electrified Lincoln of the future.

Much of this opportunity exists because of the shift to an electric powertrain. Jim Farley, the CEO of Ford, said, “This is a shining example of what happens when we combine Lincoln luxury with flexible electrical architecture to create unimaginable experiences for our customers.”

Anthony Lo, the chief design officer of Ford Motor Company, reiterated this point. “Electrification is removing many traditional vehicle design constraints, allowing us to reimagine what a vehicle can be.”

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Lincoln Concept Vehicle. Not Available For Purchase.

Lincoln Concept vehicle. Rear cargo door transforms into a lounge seat. Photo: Lincoln

The First 100 Years: A Tradition of Haute Couture Design and A-Listers, Too

It was a full century ago that Henry Ford purchased the first Lincoln. Thereafter, so began an automotive production endeavor that would see Presidents and celebrities become proud owners and drivers of a Lincoln automobile.

Who drives or has driven a Lincoln? Lucille Ball & Desi Arnaz, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Frank Lloyd Wright, Queen Elizabeth, Orson Welles, Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Beach Boys, Alanis Morrisette, Serena Williams, and Matthew McConaughey. Additionally, there’s a long list of U.S. Presidents beginning in 1939. Moreover, we won’t even get started on the many films, songs, and art featuring a Lincoln.

With such a rich history of iconic automobiles, who will be driving a Lincoln in the next 100 years? And what will that experience be like?

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Lincoln Concept Vehicle. Not Available For Purchase.

Lincoln Concept vehicle. Rear cargo door transforms into lounge seat. Photo: Lincoln

The Lincoln Star Guides the Design

The Lincoln Star is a monogram jewel in the center of the grille. It serves as the guiding light for the concept car design. The light communication elements flow out from the star, beneath the surface of a semi-transparent hood, in an elegant fluid outline inspired by yachting aerodynamics. The lowered hood benefits electric range.

With room that would previously house an engine, the front hood becomes a trunk for cargo space and pulls out for ease of access. Coach doors open to a spacious interior (worthy of its own paragraph). Additionally, the rear cargo door transforms into a pull-down lounge seat in the beautifully tapered-down back end.

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Lincoln Concept Vehicle. Customized Rejeuvenation Mood: Ocean Breezes. Photo: Lincoln

Lincoln Concept vehicle. Customized rejuvenation Mood: Ocean Breezes. Photo: Lincoln

The Lincoln Star’s Interior is a Customizable Sanctuary

While the exterior is a head-turner, the design team took things to another level on the interior. Depending on your journey, you may pick one of three rejuvenation moods. Each mood harmonizes lighting and immersive sensations of sight and sound. Uniquely, Lincoln derived these moods from humans’ circadian rhythms of morning, daytime, and evening:

  • Coastal Morning  – A peaceful sanctuary for a relaxed and stress-free journey. Wrap yourself in a bubble of nature! This is a good mood to set for city driving. Enjoy soothing vibes during heavy traffic or for commuting to and from work. “Keep Calm and Lincoln On,” with the sounds of the waves, the scent of ocean breezes, and the soft glow of a morning sunrise.
  • Mindful Vitality – This is an energizing mood to keep you engaged and immersed in the drive! It’s perfect for long road trips or perhaps navigating around unfamiliar areas. Of the three, this is my personal favorite, especially the scent which hits the mark on this mood! “Get in, sit down, crank up the volume and let’s roll!”
  • Evening Chill – The ambient lighting is everything in this mood. It has a darkened, toned-down interior with starlit sky visuals. Truly, it sets the ambiance as you head out for an evening on the town. While the other two scents resonated beautifully, they intended this one to be more masculine. Unfortunately, I found it to be off-putting, akin to a desperate single guy in the club who doused himself in cologne. Really, does that do it for anyone? Luckily, you can customize the scents or turn them off altogether.

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Lincoln Concept Vehicle. Not Available For Purchase. Photo: Lincoln

Lincoln Concept vehicle. Not available for purchase. Photo: Lincoln

Sounds great, but when can I get one?

Lincoln worked quickly to design the Lincoln Car Concept from sketch to a physical showpiece in under 6 months. Unfortunately, we must wait before seeing any in the market. Watch for a rollout of three new fully-electric Lincoln vehicles in 2025. Additionally, a fourth will follow in 2026. Lincoln President Joy Falotico projects that half of Lincoln’s global volume will be fully electric by 2025! We are excited to follow along and see what dazzling features of the Lincoln Star concept make it into the cars we’ll be able to drive.

Disclosure: I was Lincoln’s guest for this celebration and announcement; accommodations were provided but all opinions are my own.

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