All Your Favorite Cars Star in the 2020 Super Bowl LIV Adstravaganza

Angela Zepeda, Chief Marketing Officer, Hyundai
Angela Zepeda helps to drive fun and meaningful marketing like this Super Bowl commercial featuring (l-r) John Krasinski, Rachel Dracth and Chris Evans. ?Hyundai

ICYMI. Or you just want to get a jump on some of year’s best entertainment.

Ahhh… Super Bowl ads. We love ‘em, maybe more than we love the friends, football and snack foods that make up the evening’s dinner menus.

To whet our appetite, advertisers, who pay $5.6 million per :30 add — YES, $5.6 mil!— have typically released their ads ahead the big game to get a few more yuks and clicks.

But this year advertisers seem to have us on fun-restricted diet: Typically most or all of the ads will ‘break’ before the big game. This year only about a quarter have been previewed ahead of time.

So, to get you prepped for the big game, here are the ads to look for and a look at the ones that have already made their debut.

Hyundai Smaht Pahk

Ah, the Boston accent never disappoints in its ability to entertain! Rachel Dratch, John Krasinski, Chris Evans and David “Big Papi” Ortiz learn to pahk the cah. Prahpaly.

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And here’s a look at how this went behind the scenes:

Porsche: The Heist

Who doesn’t love a great car chase? And, an electric super car leading the way? Stick around for the ending. You’ll like it, we promise.

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Genesis: Luxury Gets a Wake Up Call

Did you know that Chrissy Tiegen is really funny? And that John Legend is a great straight man? Get a taste for what will unfold during the game in this teaser spot:

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WeatherTech Lucky Dog

Could you stand a Super Bowl without a tug at the heart strings? Well, good thing WeatherTech came through. You’ll just have to watch to see:

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Kia has taken time in the game too, and will focus on homeless kids: For every yard gained during the game, Kia will donate $1,000 to charities Covenant House and Positive Tomorrows and StandUp For Kids.

And this is just a sampling of the car ads in this year’s game. Expect ads from Audi, which will focus on progress through technology and Toyota will feature the newly redesigned and even more awesome Highlander.

Cars, humor, luxury and heart strings— this must be why they call it the Super Bowl!

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