Cars For Dog Lovers: Can We Get One That’s Self Cleaning?

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You won’t be in the doghouse with these cars.

As the dog days of summer wind down, car companies celebrated National Dog Day August 26 with lists of the best cars for dog lovers.

But the most objective consideration may have come from the Oakland County, Michigan sheriff, who said that the Chevrolet Tahoe Police Patrol Vehicle is key to the K-9 unit’s success.

Cars For Dogs

The Chevrolet Tahoe PPV is one of the most popular police vehicle for K-9 units. Credit: General Motors

The extra rear space and advanced climate system that keep dogs cool and comfortable are also assets for human passengers of course.

As dog owners know, dogs don’t sweat and are vulnerable to heat. So the heating and cooling vents in the Tahoe’s third-row area make it ideal for canines (or passengers). When the Tahoe is configured for canine use, the third row is taken out so the kennel can fit.

Car For Dogs

The 2015 Jeep Renegade, for dogs going on an adventure. Credit: LeAura Luciano for AGirlsGuidetoCars

For the over 54 million American households with a pet dog, canine comfort in a car is also key. According to Autotrader, these cars are ideal for dog owners and their pets, with fold-flat rear seats, rear lift gate, low ride-height, airy cabin and adequate under-floor storage.

Autotrader’s Best Cars for Dog Lovers:

▪Audi allroad

▪Ford Edge

▪Honda Fit

▪Jeep Renegade

▪Kia Sedona

▪Lincoln MKC


▪Mercedes-Benz GLA

▪Subaru XV Crosstrek

Cars For Dog

The Ford Edge, one of the best cars for dogs, according to Autotrader. Credit: Ford

Almost a quarter of Autotrader visitors said they have or would consider taking a pet on a test-drive to see whether the vehicle is comfortable for the dog.

Keeping dogs safe in the car

Gregory Castle, co-founder and CEO of Best Friends Animal Society, offered these safety tips for traveling with dogs:

▪ When in a car, dogs should be secured with a harness/restraint, to protect the pet, prevent them from distracting the driver, and for the safety of the other people in the vehicle.

▪ Small dogs and cats can ride in a secured pet carrier to keep them safe and to prevent them from getting around the driver’s feet.

▪ Pets should not ride in the front seat in a vehicle, as they could be severely injured by the windshield or the airbags in an accident.

▪ Dogs seem to love to ride with their heads out the window, but it’s safest not to allow them to. Bugs, rocks or flying debris can hurt their eyes or ears.

▪ The back of a pick-up truck is never a safe place for a pet to ride.

Cars Ford Dog

Never have your dog ride in the front seat of the car. Credit: Judy Antell for AGirlsGuidetoCars

To this, I would add:

  • A sunroof with a screen is a great way for your dog to enjoy the air while protecting her eyes and ears.
  • A strong hand-held vacuum is a must with a labrador, or other shedding dog.

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