6 Surprising Reasons to Connect Your Phone to Your Car Right Now

The Nissan Rogue Really Impressed Me With Its Next Level Technology.
I was all smiles after I played with the technology in the Nissan Rogue. Photo: Maria Smith

Live in your car? Now you can do even more with handsfree technology.

If you are on the fence about if you should connect your phone to your car, now is the time to jump off that fence! It may just be life-changing,  and make you wonder why you ever waited in the first place.

I often drive different cars so I can review them. And the first thing I tell anyone to do when they get in any new car is to connect your phone to your car via Bluetooth. It’s as important as knowing where the windshield wipers are and adjusting the mirrors. You don’t want to fool around with your phone when driving!

I recently drove a 2018 Nissan Rogue and was so surprised at how much I was (safely) able to do. It’s not just about handsfree technology that lets you answer calls over your car stereo anymore! I found in the Nissan Rogue, as well as other late-model cars, that Bluetooth connectivity enables the user to truly be connected in so many ways. Here are six reasons you should connect your phone to your car, even if you’re just renting it for a few days!

6 Reasons to Connect Your Phone to Your Car

The Nissan Rogue Really Impressed Me With Its Next Level Handsfree Technology. You Should Connect Your Phone To Your Car Immediately!

I was all smiles after I played with the handsfree technology in the Nissan Rogue. Photo: Maria Smith

1. It’s super easy to make phone calls.

Ok! I know handsfree technology, in general, is not going to blow your mind. You know about it and probably already use it. But in the Nissan Rogue and other similar upscale model cars, I found I could talk with callers through the car’s speaker system as well as access things like my calendar, appointment reminders and a recent call log. And I can do it with a voice command so my eyes can stay safely on the road!

2. You can stream all your music.

You are aware that you can stream the music you have saved on your phone through your car’s speakers, right? But you can also stream Pandora, Apple Music and other streaming services. In the Nissan Rogue, you can actually download an app for your streaming service of choice. And of course, everything can be voice activated. Use your phone’s Bluetooth technology and listen to your favorite audio book or rock out with your kids to make the miles move much faster. The Rogue had a fantastic Bose stereo system so I really appreciated being able to pull up my ‘Hot Jams’ playlist!

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3. You can do voice-activated texting.

Connect Your Phone To Your Car May Mean You Can Have Your Text Messages Read To You, Like I Could In The Nissan Rogue.

You can have your text messages read to you as well as see them in the in-dash screen. Photo Maria Smith

It goes without saying that you should never, ever text and drive. While turning your phone to silent while you’re driving may be optimal, that is difficult for many parents who need to be connected with their kids. Now, you can be safe AND stay connected. When I was driving the Nissan Rogue, I was able to hear the text messages that came in while I was driving using the hands-free text messaging assistant. I could also respond just using my voice. Using Bluetooth technology combined with my phone’s bi-directional text access means I can hear and respond.

4. You can navigate WAY easier.

In many parts of the country, you are only allowed to use your phone while driving to use the map features. But if you don’t have to, don’t bother! When you connect your phone to your car the directions will come through the car’s stereo speakers. The Nissan Rogue features Nissan door-to-door navigation with 3D graphics on the in-dash screen. I could easily see where I was going, and quickly get back on track when I inevitably veered off course.

5. You can use Siri (or Alexa, Google, Bixby, etc) in the car.

When You Connect A Bluetooth Phone That Means You Can Use Siri, Alexa, Google Or Whomever Comes Next. Your Kids, Like My 3 Boys, Will Love Using It Too.

Even kids will get excited about this technology! Photo: Maria Smith

Want to know what the weather will be like tomorrow? Or who won the game last night? Or what time that new show is on? Just call up your voice-activated helper of choice. One of the most surprising things about using the handsfree technology in the Nissan Rogue is that I could ask all the random questions that pop in my head get the answers I so desperately needed. Sure, you could wait until you get home to ask Siri who sang “Mysterious Ways” [U2 of course], but you don’t have to! My boys definitely had fun with this feature!

6.  You can start your car remotely.

And more! Smartphone apps can be heavenly for anyone who has ever frozen their toes off while their car heated up in the winter. When you connect your phone to your car you can use apps like NissanConnect that will allow you to remotely start the car. It also let you unlock the car doors simply using just your voice via Amazon Alexa!

Nissan Rogue Steering Wheel, Black

Photo: Maria Smith

Test driving the 2018 Nissan Rogue really opened my eyes to how much I can do by simply connecting my phone and using Bluetooth technology. Yes, the car has fantastic fuel economy (27 mpg) and includes excellent safety features including Blind Spot Warning and Lane Departure Warning, but it was the next-level handsfree technology features that really impressed me. The intuitive touch screen controls, voice recognition and text-to-speech technologies all allowed for safe, handsfree and eyes on the road connectivity. So go ahead. Connect your phone to your car and see how it changes your life, especially if you are in the feisty Nissan Rogue.

Blue Nissan Rogue Against A Wooded Background


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