6 Reasons Why a Luxury Car is Worth the Splurge

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Like the sound of VIP?

You know that a luxury car will cocoon you in plush suede, buttery leather, exotic wood trim and an opera house quality sound system. But there are pampering extras that could put you at the forefront of technology, make time with your car a great experience, save money on ownership and perhaps even result in years without a car payment.

Then, there are the perks. Think of the way you’re greeted and treated at Neiman Marcus. Or the intuitive ease of a stay at the Four Seasons. Or the added bonuses that come with Delta Diamond Medallion. That’s what luxury car ownership means these days. Service, perks and amenities are the real value of car ownership.

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Carl Benz Signature

Like any good luxury product, every Mercedes-Benz model carries the signature of its founder, Carl. ? Scotty Reiss

1. Join the Club and Enjoy the Perks of Membership

Just owning a luxury car isn’t enough. To be a true luxury product, it should also deliver a luxury experience. This is top of mind with makers of luxury cars these days, and they’ve created unique and exclusive ownership perks to enhance the ownership experience. From concierge services, such as those offered Mercedes Benz and Infiniti, to Cadillac’s My Rewards program to the Lexus Drivers benefits program, owners can experience luxe dealership spaces and VIP benefits. If you’re not already aware of these, check the manufacturers site, download the smart phone app, keep an eye out and your key fob handy. In addition to VIP parking at events, many brands have VIP areas at auto shows, special sections at sporting events and VIP experiences at resorts, malls and more; just show your key fob and you’re in.

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Luxury Cars

The Tesla Model X SUV. Photo: Tesla

2. From Service to Repair, They’ve Got This Covered

Luxury car brands recognize that no one wants to rearrange their schedule to tend to their car, especially if the re-arranging is not convenient. So they were the first to roll out 24/7 roadside assistance and complimentary maintenance packages. And these perks keep getting better: Lincoln, Genesis, Lexus and more will come retrieve your car for service and provide a loaner while service is being done. Some will also offer a hotel stay if a breakdown or accident leaves you stranded. And Tesla will come to you to service your car. Just leave it where you want it serviced–your driveway, your office parking lot or parked at the airport, and they’ll find it, service it and leave it ready for your next 12,500 miles.

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Intersect By Lexus

Intersect by Lexus, the premium dining experience in NYC puts the Lexus philosophy to work in a world-class kitchen. ?Lexus

3. Eat, Travel and Experience, All Exclusively

Michelin started it all with the Michelin guide; by being a Michelin owner you were already in on the good life. Auto brands have kept the momentum going. Mercedes-Benz offers preferred access to hotels, restaurants, even spa certificates; Lexus not only has a list of preferred partners offering discounts and special experiences, but you can dine with Lexus at Intersect, the brand’s new dining partnership with Danny Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality group. Locations are currently in in New York and Dubai, but more are coming soon. And Lincoln’s Black Label offers dining and travel perks, including a year of Clear to breeze you through TSA checkpoints at the airport.

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4. Get Top New Technology First, and a Genius to Help You Master It

Luxury brands tend to be first to the market with new technology. From head up display to adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist and voice activated everything, brands like Mercedes-Benz and BMW were the early birds. Lincoln has taken the mission to heart, turning your smart phone into a key fob–you can unlock, start and drive your car with your phone, and you can let someone else do that, too. And when technology confounds you, just give a call. BMW, Lexus, Genesis and others will either send someone out to walk you through the mysteries of the infotainment system or invite you to the dealership for a latte and Q&A.

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Acura Nsx Luxury Cars

New owners can help to build their Acura NSX. They are invited to the assembly plant to see it being built and can even take part by attaching the Acura badge. ?Scotty Reiss

5. Even Picking Up Your New Car Is a Luxury Experience

Ever wanted to go to the factory and see the car you’ve been waiting for roll off the line? To shake the hand of the plant manager who made sure that every detail was perfect? To be truly the first person to drive your new car? You can do that! Many manufacturers including Volvo and BMW have a delivery process that truly puts you in the VIP spotlight: You’re invited to be there when your car is completed and drive it away. Acura NSX owners can go a step further; they are invited to attach the Acura badge to their new car right on the assembly plant floor.

Jaguar provides a “Handover Encore” which brings the car to you and offers a detailed dive into the car’s features. From there, the rep keeps in touch, letting you know when the car needs servicing, arranging the pick up of your car and delivery of a loaner.

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6. Spend a Day at the Track… And Learn What Your New Beauty Can Do

Luxury cars should thrill you, right? And, most of them are capable, but owners are reluctant to put them to the test. Well, most of them, anyway. But with many brands, including Cadillac, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes-Benz and Ford’s top-tier models, you can take your new baby, or one just like it, out on the track for a fun day or two of learning what it’s capable of. You’ll learn from a seasoned track pro and have a chance to go it on your own. You can even take your teen out for driving lessons that she’ll benefit from forever. Many track experiences are part of the purchase so you just need to schedule your session; others are discounted or offer special pricing or perks for owners.

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Sadly, driving is getting less and less fun all the time. Shouldn’t time with and in the car be a reward on its own?

The Perks Of A Luxury Car Goes Beyond Just The Image And Pampering. They Make Your Life Easier And In The Long Run, You Might Actually Spend Less Money!

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