5 Things to Stream While in Quarantine

5 Things To Watch

We’re all cooped up. It stinks. But there’s always TV, right?

Absolutely. And with so many streaming services out there, we’ve got lots of choices. Thankfully we’re not in the 60s with only a handful of channels on a dial. We’ve got it pretty good. Wifi, streaming, and more. So grab the popcorn, get cozy and forget about the outside world. Here are 5 things to stream while in quarantine.

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5 Things to Stream While in Quarantine

  1. The Ruch Life– Follow the journey of a NASCAR driver, Angela Ruch as she returns to the racetrack and works on starting a family at the same time. Angela and her hubby, Mike Ruch are hilariously entertaining and fun to watch. They will certainly make great parents to the two babies they are adopting. The Ruch Life can be binged on Facebook Watch.
  2. Go Karts– Gather the family for some racing fun! This film tells the story of 15-year-old Jack who discovers go-kart racing after his father passes on. He and his mom relocate and he meets an old race-car driver who he convinces to take a chance on him. Along with his new besties, Jack sets off to compete for the national title. By the way, the go-kart engineer is a girl. How cool is that?
  3. Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee– Here’s one to lift your spirits. Comedian Jerry Seinfeld hosts this web series where he drives cool cars and takes comedians out for coffee. He has many great guests including Eddie Murphy, Miranda Sings, Kate McKinnon- even former President Obama. Not only will you laugh but you’ll learn a lot of interesting facts about cars and history. And if you like it, there are plenty of seasons to binge on..like11.
  4. Hyperdrive- Looking for more action? Hyperdrive will provide plenty! Watch daredevil drivers from around the world (of both genders) test their limits in their own custom cars on the biggest, craziest automotive obstacle course. Each driver competes to become the Hyperdrive champion. You can catch this series on Netflix.

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  5. Top GearBBC‘s Top Gear is a series based on a British motor magazine that features actors Dax Shepard (Kristen Bell’s hubby), Rob Corddry, and British automotive journalist Jethro Bovingdo. This series features super-cars, wild stunts, and challenges as well as car reviews and celeb interviews. What’s also cool about this show is that you get to see a different side of Dax Shepard- who knew he was so into cars? Fun fact: His mom was also a fleet manager for GM when he was a kid! You can catch the series on Hulu.

Enjoy the Break!

It’s definitely a difficult time right now but at least we have some distractions. Before you know it, you’ll be back to that 9-5 or that on-the-go mama life. So take a step back, relax and enjoy some time at home. Hang in there ?


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