5 Things We Love About Supercar Megabuild on Disney+

Disney+ Supercar Megabuild

There’s a new show on Disney+ that’s all about – wait for it…cars.

If you’re looking for something new to watch, this just might be it. The popular streaming network recently added this cool docuseries that features a group of top mechanics who team up with famous auto entrepreneurs to create Supercar Megabuild.

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What’s Supercar Megabuild About?

Supercar Megabuild is a documentary-style show. It features the transformation of an ordinary car into a racetrack-worthy supercar. Season One features design guru Azfal Khan and two experimental engineers, Ralph Hosier and Ranen Rudra. Khan hires Hosier and Rudra to re-engineer performance cars already engineered to the max. Each episode features the transformation of a different car and the roadblocks that go along with it.

Season two features the same type of storyline with different players. Supercar Megabuild originally aired on the National Geographic Channel. The National Geographic Channel brought programming over to Disney+ when it launched in 2019.

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5 Things We Love and What You Need to Know

Disney+ Supercar Megabuild

1. The Opportunity to Look at All These Hot Cars (let’s be real)

Season One features cars including an Aston Martin Advantage, a Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, a Bentley Mulsanne and more.

It is really fun to check out these top of the line luxury cars. These are cars we don’t usually see in the parking lot at Costco or in the carpool line. Supercar Megabuild is definitely a way to broaden your car knowledge. Plus, it’s fun to let your younger viewers watch along and get ideas to dream big. 


2. The Idea of Making the Best Better

We like how Khan is inspired to not accept the best as absolute. He takes cars that are already performing at tip-top levels, then pushes his engineers to make them better. 

The underlying message? Don’t be content with the status quo and don’t be complacent. Just maybe the impossible is possible. 

3. The Importance of Collaboration and Being Part of a Team

The two engineers, Ralph and Ranen work together trying to implement their boss’ vision, which often makes little sense to them. Everyone has their own set of strengths and weaknesses and there’s a great spirit of collaboration. Ralph and Ranen make a great team. 


4. The Importance of Accountability

The engineering team has a set of rules they need to follow. They also have room for creativity and flexibility. The flexibility sometimes gets them in trouble with their boss. 

In one episode, they spend their bosses money beyond the established budget. In another, they jet off to Japan on a “research trip.” They go to Japan to study drift racing but they don’t clear their trip with the boss first.  

Ralph and Ranen are very likable and their boss, Khan, comes across as a little bit of a jerk at times. That said, there are lessons to be learned about accountability, timeliness, and communication. This is a great show to watch with a tween or teen. It will spark conversations about communication and accountability.  

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5. Supercar Megabuild Fosters an Interest in Engineering, Particularly Automotive Engineering

Any child or adult who is curious about “how stuff works” is going to find this interesting. Things are explained in fairly straightforward terms without dumbing down the technical language. 

Seeing the progress on how these cars are adjusted for max performance can spark or strengthen interest in engineering. It’s also fun watching the impossible progress and become reality. 


Since This is On Disney+, What Do Parents Need to Know?

There’s a little bit of bleeped-out language. I caught one “hell” in one of the episodes that weren’t bleeped out. 

There’s not a ton of diversity. I didn’t see women mainly featured in any of the episodes. There was no hint of “boys club”  aside from the fact that there were no women featured. Still, I would have liked to have seen women engineers or racecar drivers featured.

I think this is appropriate for any age to watch but it might not hold the interest of a younger child. My almost 10-year-old left the room after watching this show with me for about five minutes. 

Leaving me to geek out on these great cars all by myself.

A Girls Guide To Cars | 5 Things We Love About Supercar Megabuild On Disney+ - Supercar

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