2019 Lexus NX 300 F Sport, ‘Athluxury’ in An SUV

Lexus Nx 300 F

If Lululemon had a car mate, the Lexus NX300 would be it.

My family and I recently made a trip to the west coast to spend a week sightseeing and living the California life. During our trip we drove the 2019 Lexus NX 300 F Sport, a compact luxury SUV, which was a perfect fit for the three of us and also, showed off how this SUV fits a modern, athletic lifestyle. While we drove it to museums and beaches, I found it to be the perfect car for the accomplished professional woman whose daily routines include spin class, yoga and hillside hikes. It’s the “athluxury” of cars: Stylish, toned, accomplished.

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Lexus Suv

With my daughter in San Diego. Photo: Lillie Morales

Agile, Modern Style That Accommodates a Busy Schedule

During our week we drove the coast, seeing San Diego, Beverly Hills, Disneyland and Irvine. Over the miles and in traffic I got to know the details that made this car comfortable for longer drives as well as short daily excursions.

It is easy to see how the NX300 fits a lifestyle that includes a lot of short trips and getting in and out of the car. And for the fitness enthusiast who also puts a lot of importance on style, the Lexus NX 300 F Sport is perfect: Its modern, toned lines and strong, confident drive style are the perfect complement.

Inside the Lexus has a nice leather-trimmed shift knob and heated steering wheel as well as heated/cooled front seats. There is leather upholstery with luxury stitching throughout the car and a clock in the center of the dashboard that adds a classic luxury feel. The seat design,  metallic trim, race-inspired paddle shifters and the aluminum pedals give the interior a sporty feel. There are also embossed silver pattern details along the side of the doors and a silver satin trim frames around the infotainment system. It’s even got a removable mirror where I’d personally keep some bobby pins, perfume, and some lip gloss handy. Overall, it’s a really stylish car.

Lexus Nx 300 F Sport

The Lexus NX 300 F Sport is one stylish car. Photo: Lillie Morales

Who This Car is For

  • A girl on the go who wants a smaller SUV
  • Buyer who want a luxury SUV without a huge luxury price tag
  • Petite people- a tall or large person may feel cramped
  • A young couple who want style, comfort and an agile drive experience
  • A single mom of one or two kids
  • Single, stylish women
  • Sporty girls into fitness (like yoga, pilates, running)- this car will go great with their lifestyle!

How Much Is the 2019 Lexus NX 300 F SPORT?

Pricing starts at $38,960 (FWD) and $40,360 (AWD) for the 2.0 L 4-cylinder turbo with 235 horsepower with the Lexus Safety System (adaptive cruise control, adaptive high beam headlights, pre-collision braking, lane keep assist), the basic F Sport package with sport tuned suspension and F Sport lights, Apple Car Play and Alexa connectivity and power front seats. From there, added options increase the price: A power moon roof adds $1,100 and the Black Line F Sport package adds $6,400 for a sportier trim with performance and styling upgrades, 18-inch wheels, Mark Levinson premium sound system and upgraded navigation, race inspired design details and F- sport badges. With delivery ($1,095) the price of the model we drove was $50,264.

Lexus Nx 300 F Sport

Photo: Lillie Morales

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Safety Features Take the Stress Out of Traffic–Even in California

You’ll feel safe in this car with all the protection it provides drivers, passengers and pedestrians. Here are some great features that are standard on the Lexus NX300:

  • Adaptive cruise control system can regulate the car’s speed on the highway
  • Adaptive high beam headlights keep you from blinding other drivers, yet direct more light to the road when you need it
  • The pedestrian detection system signals you when a pedestrian or bicyclist is in your path, even in low light
  • Roadside assistance or any emergency need with Lexus’ own safety connect. Sent directly to your GPS location (included for the first 10 years of ownership)
  • Panoramic camera view helps you be aware of your surroundings and helps with parking.
  • Park assist detects other cars or objects and helps you park better.
  • Blind spot monitor- helps detect cars in other lanes, let’s you know it’s safe
  • 8 Airbag system
  • Rain sensing wipers- detects when it’s raining and adjusts the speed of the wipers automatically
Lexus Nx 300 F Sport

The design and lighting of the console make this car look great at night! Photo: Lillie Morales

Tech at Your Fingertips Makes Navigating Busy Roads Easier

Not only is this sporty car luxe but it’s got a lot of tech features, too.

  • Track touchpad- access multimedia and navigation (I loved this!)
  • 10.3-inch high-resolution screen
  • Mark Levinson premium surround sound (optional but this car has it and it sounds amazing! )
  • CD player- CD lovers will appreciate this feature
  •  WiFi- connect up to 5 devices (4 GB 1-year trial)
  • Apple Carplay
  • Drive mode select- turn a button to change your drive experience to Sport, Normal or Eco.
  • Bluetooth- hands-free calling, dictate what you want to listen to or who you’d like to call.
  • Apps- this car has apps available like the Amazon+Alexa app, Lexus Enform App Suite, and more. You can even access your smartwatch.
Lexus Touchpad

This car comes with a track touchpad that controls the infotainment system (optional). Photo: Lillie Morales

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Lexus Nx 300 F Sport Trunk

The Lexus NX 300 F Sport has a pretty decent amount of trunk space for its small size. Photo: Lillie Morales

How Much Junk Can You Fit in the Trunk?

Not too bad for a small SUV: we had three suitcases and one was very large. We were able to fit two in the trunk and the smaller one in the backseat. For everyday use, I’d say it’s a great size for this small SUV. Just don’t make plans to load the car up with massive furniture pieces.

Lexus Removable Mirror

A removable mirror lets you keep your makeup in check! Photo: Lillie Morales

What We Love About this Luxury SUV

I really liked this car. Not only was it stylish but it’s also fun to drive and it handles well. It felt strong on the road and in Sport mode, the NX300 was even more agile and confident.

And, I actually loved the trackpad in the Lexus NX 300 F Sport. I have heard some people say they don’t like it, but maybe it’s the tech nerd in me–I really loved this feature! It was fun and easy to use. I love the little removable mirror with small storage underneath, too. I think this car was truly made for a stylish girl on the go (who needs to keep her makeup in check). Aside from that, I loved the way the car handled. It’s very well made and the details inside are just beautiful.

What You Need to Know

  • 235 HP 258 LB-FT Torque
  • Fuel economy- 25 MPG 22 city, 28 highway
  • This is a small SUV that seats 5, is more comfortable for 4 but really, best if you don’t have back seat passengers often.

Lexus Nx 300 F Sport

An Athletic, Modern, Luxury Suv, The Lexus Nx 300 F Sport Completes Your Life With Luxury Touches, Tech And A Sporty Drive Experience.

Disclosure: The Lexus NX300 was loaned to me for editorial purposes. All opinions are my own.

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