The New 2019 Ford Edge ST Beefs Up Performance in an SUV We Love

2019 Ford Edge St Is A Great New Performance Suv
2019 Ford Edge Titanium. Photo credit: Jana Seitzer.

It’s Like it Went to the Gym and Got Even Sexier.

We always loved the modern look and capability of the Ford Edge. A 5-passenger SUV that is capable on snowy roads and for busy families, it is a pretty work horse. Now, with a redesign and a more powerful engine, it’s an even more capable SUV for drivers who want more fun and power with their capability.

A midsize utility vehicle with performance thrills, the all-new 2019 Ford Edge ST could be the perfect SUV. At under $43,000 MSRP, the Ford Edge ST packs a lot of punch. The ST takes the engine up to a 6-cylinder from a 4-cylinder in the other trims, and ups the horsepower to 335 from 250 – a significant increase in power and just what you need for keeping your speed up on hilly or curvy roads. The Edge ST is the only midsize performance utility vehicle in that price range. This car is bound to be the next hot ride for small families with a huge love of the outdoors.

“There is white space in the market right now, and Edge ST will fill it,” said Cristina Aquino, Ford Edge brand marketing manager. “There is nothing like the new Edge ST. As far as true performance SUVs at this price point, Edge ST is really one of a kind.”

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Sporty But Still Utilitarian

I spent a day in and around Salt Lake City, Utah, testing the Ford Edge ST and Titanium trim models to see what they were made of and I wasn’t disappointed.

Through the winding hills and high elevations in Park City, the Ford Edge ST handled like a charm. It took corners and moved with pep, spunk, and pick up that was almost unexpected; the Titanium was similar.

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Suv Sport

2019 Ford Edge Titanium Photo: Jana Seitzer

The Real Test: How Edge Handles On the Track

I also had the opportunity to do a little closed-track circuit at Soldier Hollow with the Ford Edge ST. While I’ve never done any closed track driving, I can’t believe how well it navigates on tight corners (or how well I can navigate through tight corners!) I shocked myself. I didn’t rank in the top place of speeds for the day but I was far from last and I beat the test speed and fell right in the middle of the pack—I can walk away happy with that!

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Hello Alexa! And, Hello Co-Pilot 360! 

At Soldier Hollow, we also got to test some of the Amazon Alexa-enabled and standard safety features of the 2019 Edge ST, including Ford Co-Pilot360, which is a suite of driver-assist technologies that help drivers maintain confidence in various traffic conditions. The package includes:

• Pre-collision assist with automatic emergency braking, which includes pedestrian detection, forward collision warning, and dynamic brake support
• Blind spot information system with cross-traffic alert
• Lane-keeping system
• Rear backup camera with built-in washer
• Auto high-beam headlamps

Ford Co-Pilot360 allows you to use Amazon Alexa-enabled features to do common activities such as opening and closing your garage door and starting your car—as a parent, I LOVE this feature!

2019 Ford Edge St Is A Great New Performance Suv

2019 Ford Edge ST at the AutoCross. Photo: Jana Seitzer

An Interior Designed With Me In Mind 

The Edge’s designers have definitely spent some serious time thinking about the interior for the driver. On the console, there’s a place for your cell phone—a dedicated slot for your phone. There are also two 12v power ports as well as two USB ports, and plenty of storage in two dedicated, covered console areas plus cup holders. As a mom and travel blogger, I really appreciate power access in my vehicles. In fact, it was one of the must-haves in my recent car purchase and it’s a design factor that drives me bonkers when it isn’t taken into account in a car’s design. The seats adjusted enough that I fit well and can reach everything easily, which at 5′ 2″ is essential and something I look for.

If you’re looking to haul gear, the Ford Edge ST has quite a bit of capacity. Check out the AutoCross video I’ve shared to see the boxes we fit during our closed-track challenge!

2019 Ford Edge St Is A Great New Performance Suv

2019 Ford Edge ST steering wheel view. Photo: Jana Seitzer

A Redesign That Adds to Edge’s Muscular Good Looks

As far as the look of the vehicle? I loved it. It was rugged yet feminine in its curves and lines. It’s an SUV that I would definitely consider if we were in the market for a vehicle—it’s perfect for couples or families who need a cross-over SUV with performance capabilities, such as people who spend their weekend on a mountain skiing – like us!

A Girls Guide To Cars | The New 2019 Ford Edge St Beefs Up Performance In An Suv We Love - Ford Edge St

Disclosure: I was Ford’s guest for this test drive; travel and accommodations were provided but all opinions are my own.

Ford Beefed Up The Ford Edge St To Create A True Performance Suv That Can Accelerate Through Tight Corners And Hills, And Still Carry All Those School Bags.

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