volvo ex30 compact electric suv

The Volvo EX30 compact electric SUV is aspirational luxury, top tech, sustainable materials, modern design and a palatable price.  Oh, and the luxury of electric driving.

Why I’m Excited for the Volvo XC30

When Volvo announced the arrival of the XC30 compact electric SUV, my ears perked up: It’s priced from $35K, built in China and offers many of the things Volvo is known for: fresh, modern design, Google technology and safety.

The EX30 introduces a new electric motor that is faster to recharge, offers more miles on a charge and still delivers good-to-great horsepower.

A Better, and Faster, Electric Power Train

Volvo’s approach to the EX30’s interior is a bit of a departure for the brand: designers went with what is becoming conventional in electric car interiors by eliminating a lot of the conventional details such as buttons, dials and even the driver information screen.

Instead, there is a single 12” screen that anchors the dashboard and features all the functions you’ll  need, from navigation and climate to radio and phone apps. This is where you’ll also find driver feedback such as speed, charge level and battery range.

This may be the EX30's coolest sustainability feature: The EX30's carbon footprint is reduced by its factory's 100% climate-neutral electricity and other environmental measures.

Cradle to Grave Sustainability

The EX30's Tesla-like 12-inch multimedia screen dominates the dashboard. Don't let its basic appearance mislead you. Navigation, entertainment, electric charging, information, apps, and more are all on that screen to keep you focused and connected.

The EX30 Advances Volvo’s Technology Game

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