Toyota Sports Car GR 86

With a starting price of about $27K and all-in at $31K, you’re winning already. And that’s just one of the reasons I’ve long loved this little car: Its elegant shape and classic sports car design  instantly win me over.  But its drive experience, details and price put the 2022 Toyota GR86 over the top.


Scion, Toyota's approachable brand manufactured with Subaru until 2012, had the sporty 86. Scion was affordable and trustworthy for youthful drivers, especially those who liked to modify their automobiles.

Even if you're not a racer, you should recognize Gazoo Racing, Toyota's performance partner. Through the cooperation, Toyota can test its cars' speed and agility and create track and street variants.

Gazoo Racing Adds Even More Awesome DNA 

There are two models, base and Premium, and each are available in an automatic and a stick shift manual transmission and priced from $27,700 to $31,800.

The Toyota GR 86 is Toyota’s Most Fun-For-the-Money Car

I took a spin in the automatic and was impressed; it was fun. It’s a giggle just to hit the starter button—the engine is loud and exciting—and it accelerates quickly, maybe a bit unexpected for a 228 horsepower engine with 187 torque.

a doll of a car

Once on the road, the GR 86 was simply a doll. It’s fast, light and moves easily through traffic and around curves. You’ll want to find more ambitious roads for your drive and maybe skip the highway altogether; fast is good but fun is better.

Remembering that this car doesn’t have all the sophisticated details that other performance cars have, I was surprised to find a drive mode selector. However, it allows you to pick from two modes: Normal and Track, which simply turns off traction control.

All This Fun Comes At a Cost… To Your Hearing

This little car is loud. It’s small and close to the road, and the engine is loud. You’ll need to speak a little louder when chatting with your passenger(s) or on the phone. And you’ll need to get used to the loud engine sound in the cabin.

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