Don’t Buy New Tires Until You Read This: Tire Rack Tire Review

Have questions about weight distribution hitches? I’ve got answers. Confused about what GVWR and GCWR are? I can explain that in a way you’ll understand.  But when it came time to replace the tires on our Ford Expedition, which we use to our RV, I found myself overwhelmed by all the options.

'Old school' Honest Abe is a reliable test for determining tire tread depth. Insert a dime between the tread blocks with Abe's head facing you upside down. If you can see the top of his head, your tread is too shallow and needs to be replaced.


In the past, I’ve always just gone with whatever my shop of choice has recommended, which was usually just to replace them with a newer version of whatever was already on the car.

Where Should I Start Researching Tires?


Thank goodness for Tire Rack.  Their Tire Decision Guide helped me think through what my tires truly needed to be capable of.  It even made some recommendations based on my location and average climate.

Once I completed it, it gave me 3 tire recommendations and showed me how each scored on the individual criteria I said was important to me (like all-terrain performance, wet traction, and treadwear)

Delivery & Installation Is Easy and Convenient

Tire Rack made the whole process super simple. I was able to look up independent recommended installers near me and have the tires shipped directly to them.

They called once they received the tires and we made an appointment to have them installed. It was a win for us because being nomads, we’ve come to love the ease of using Firestone Complete Auto Care, which we were able to use to install our tires.

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