Michelin CrossClimate2:

Tires are often the last thing we think about when it comes to prepping our cars for each season, but they are one of our most critical systems, especially when the weather turns extreme.  Wouldn’t it be great to have tires that you don’t have to think about, that can handle any road condition?

Hope is not a strategy. Thankfully, it’s easy to be prepared

While we can't just hope our tires get us through unexpected sleet or snow, snow tires are expensive and can't be driven in the summer, so most people drive on one set of all-season tires all year and hope for the best.

Winter tires are essential in snowy, wet conditions. These have a deeper tread that is softer and more flexible on cold, slick terrain. Summer tires are popular in tropical locations with lots of rain.

Can one tire really do it all?

The CrossClimate2 tire is designed to do it all — but can it?

Michelin’s innovation here is that the CrossClimate2 combines a new tread pattern and rubber compounds that work well in both winter and summer conditions.

Certified for winter performance, the thick tread and V shaped tread pattern allow pliability in snow and rain; the tread channels can flush away water as the tire rolls through it and still grip the pavement. They can flex to absorb snow for added traction.

Bad ass tires on my BMW? Yes, please!

I had the chance to try out Michelin’s CrossClimate2 tires and so far, they are impressive for a number of reasons, but being able to function in almost any weather is a huge bonus — a true head-turner in the tire world.

The CrossClimate2, however, carries a pretty average price tag. I found them priced starting about $140 a tire on Amazon for 16” tires and going up from there based on wheel size and type of vehicle.

Pricing for the CrossClimate2

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