The Mercedes-Benz S Class Is the Industry’s Crystal Ball

How much do you want to be spoiled? I mean really, really spoiled.  We all know that when it comes to luxury, Mercedes-Benz is the go-to automaker, so of course we expect the brand to deliver on premium details like fine leather, cutting edge technology, and a powerful, quiet ride.

A Modern New Cabin Is Defined by Intuitive Design and Technology

Mercedes-Benz S580 and S500 have streamlined interiors with more zen and a less busy look and feel. Drivers and passengers will find the touch-sensitive surfaces and minimalistic controls to be intuitive and easy to use.

With door panels that curve into the dash, leather covered surfaces, and seats designed to cradle their occupants, the cabin has a cocoon-like feeling. You won’t have to reach far, if at all, to find needed controls.

Elegant and Subdued Details Belie the S580’s Power and Presence 

Translating Complex Ideas Into a Simple Function…A Rare Talent

The S Class was easy to hop in and go without a huge learning curve—a huge bonus. All too often luxury cars come with a learning curve. But not the S580.

Mercedes-Benz not only added additional functionality to the driver’s seat for a wider range of positioning, but created an automated system that will adjust the seat height based on your biometrics.

Is Your Seat Properly Positioned? Now You’ll Know for Certain

Now That Your Seat is Set… Get a Massage 

Mercedes-Benz was the first automaker to take massaging seats mainstream(ish), offering the technology in a wide array of models. A couple of years ago, the company enhanced the massage idea by taking it full spa.

But The Biggest Decision May Be to Drive… Or Ride

The rear seat with the Executive Package, a $21,650 addition, adds limo-like details for rear seat passengers. It starts with seats that recline to a passenger-side extendable foot rest, neck warmers, suede pillows, and quilted leather seats.

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