What Drives Her: Destined To Race Cars For Audi?

Race car driver Lea Croteau found her way to Audi, but she thinks it may have been pre-ordained.  After all, she learned to drive in her father’s Audi 5000 and though she was born in England and, as a military brat, she spent much of her childhood in Germany.

Love of the track leads to a job teaching men to drive

Lea’s love of driving and talent behind the wheel has translated into a pretty cool day job: training oil rig drivers to drive on ice. But she says her racing skills translate into regular driving, too such as running to the grocery store.

Lea's passion for cars is echoed by Audi engineers’ passion for design. She drives an Audi A4 where the ‘precise performance and sterling technology’ in a supercar like the R8 is mimicked in an Audi designed for everyday driving.

A passion for cars earns her respect on the track and on the job

This earns her the respect of the macho guys she instructs on ice driving even before she takes them on a ‘hot lap’ where she shows off her racing skills at speeds up to 200 miles per hour.

So what do you get for $200,000?

One of the cars we drove, the V10 plus, starts at $189,990 and the R8 V10 plus, which we drove on the track, retails for $205,000. Another in the lineup, also a V10, starts at $162,900; fully loaded, it was a mere $199,900.

The coupes also have a virtual cockpit with a 12.3 inch screen: Google earth is the navigation system. This meant that on the track, you could actually see the curves and dips on the screen. You can toggle to a more conventional looking screen, too.

The R8 has 13 Bang & Olufson speakers, paddle shifters, leather seats and a lightweight carbon fiber body. Of course, the car comes in a brilliant red, along with electric blue and a host of other colors. You can customize the interior with contrasting stitching and though the cabin has two cup holders.

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