The First Ever Kia EV6 is the Electric Car You’ve Been Waiting For

When I first saw the Kia EV6 at its unveiling in Times Square last spring, I was unsure what to think.  It’s a space-age design departure for Kia, not bearing much resemblance to its siblings, inside or out.

A Sports-Crossover-Hatchback-Electric Car That’s All That, and More

What I discovered was a distinct and very modern car that advances the electric car race. With a unique exterior look and feel and finely honed interior features, the EV6 looks was much more compelling than I anticipated.

We headed out on the long, flat roads of Sonoma Valley and were quickly climbing curvy, hilly roads, which are pure fun if you’re in the right car, and I was; the EV6 handled the road like champ, accelerating nicely even on the hills.

Driving the EV 6 Reveals its Sports Car Soul

One Pedal Regenerative Braking Makes the EV6 Even More Fun

Kia’s one-pedal driving mode; pull the left paddle on the steering wheel 2 times quickly and the system is set to iPedal, the most efficient regenerative braking mode.

The leather-like seat with suede-like inserts was comfortable and beautiful. Our test model had a vinyl-like covering on the dashboard and arm rest, others had an elegant wool-like fabric.

Innovative Interior Accented by Vegan Suede and Leather 

An Open Airy Cabin, Anchored by This Command Center

Adding to the modernity is the command center that holds functions such as the starter button, gear selector and camera buttons; there is also a wireless charge pad and a console under the arm rest.

Rear Seat Legroom That Goes on for Day

This is one of the largest rear seats you’ll find in a car this size. That’s because Kia did something interesting: The wheel base of the EV6 is the same as the Kia Telluride 3-row SUV, but the overall length is just an inch longer than the Kia Forte compact.

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