Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe Electric Car

The all-electric Jeep isn’t here yet, but this one will tide you over until it is: The Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe, priced from $57K-$74K.  This is an electric hybrid Jeep with all the comforts and luxuries that we know and love in the Grand Cherokee, all the capability we need for ski weekends and surprise storms.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee 4xe actually has a smaller engine than any of its non-hybrid counterparts. However, it’s just as powerful as the V8 version. The 4xe produces 375 horsepower and 470 torque.

The Power this Electric Jeep Produces is Impressive

Of course, it’s more fuel efficient than the V6 version. The 4xe gets about 23 MPG vs 19 MPG from the V6 engine.  Additionally, it has about 6,000 lbs of tow capacity, roughly the same as any of the other engine options.

The 4xe model line is a premium line, outfitted accordingly. The four trim levels offer many or all of the pampering high-tech features that Jeep introduced in its redesigned 2022 lineup.

Interior Pampering — at Any Trim Level

Well, that depends on you. Consider that the average driver drives 29 miles per day. 25 of those miles are driven on electric, and 4 are driven on gas, at 23 MPG. You’d use about 1.25 gallons of gas a week as long as you recharge the Jeep every day.

How Far Can You Go on a Tank of Gas? 

With a 24.6 gallon tank (and, assuming you don’t let the fuel level go below ‘E’) it would take you more than four months to use all that gas, or more than 4,000 miles. Imagine getting gas only 3 times a year!

However, without plugging in the 4xe, its estimated 23 MPG will take you 100 miles further on a tank of gas than the Grand Cherokee’s gas engine counterpart, about 550 miles or so. Add in the electric charge, and you can go about 575 miles on a tank + charge.

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