How Thrilling the Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing is to Drive

When Cadillac began the journey twenty years ago that led to the V series and the Cadillac CT4-V Blackwing, a lot of people scratched their heads.  Could the brand really make the transition to world-class racing engines with performance features to match? There was a lot of skepticism.

The Last of Of An Era: An Investment as Much as a Purchase

The lucky buyers of the CT4 V Blackwing will go home with a unicorn, one that will likely depreciate less than other cars and may even, in a few years and with low mileage, actually cost almost nothing to own.

This car makes you feel wonderful. It’s delightful and liberating behind the wheel; the sport seats in our test model were comfortable, with side bolsters to hold you firmly in your seat.

How This Car Makes You Feel

Who This Car is For?

It's for drivers who love a thrilling drive. Buyers who want a performance car at a very competitive price. Drivers whose hobbies include track driving, or who want to learn track driving

That our test model had a manual transmission gets a huge YAY from me. I’m a fan of manuals, and it’s interesting that these days these are no longer found on the base model simply because it’s lowest price option.

Track Born Details Give it True Spirit

Performance … Traction? Yes It’s a Thing

They’ve added performance traction management, or PTM, which can be selected with the V-shaped dial on the lower right side of the steering wheel.

Good-Bye for Now, Sweet Friend

I’m really glad I got to drive the CT4 V before it’s gone, especially in the manual transmission version. I know I’ll love the electric V series models when they materialize in the not too distant future.

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