2024 Toyota Tacoma 

The 2024 Toyota Tacoma has finally been redesigned with a modern look, familiar features–Hello Tundra!–and unique details that will make Taco fans happy.

A Whole New Look … That Looks Familiar

The Tacoma, like the Tundra, opens and closes its electronic lift gate by pressing a button under either tail light under the handle. The bumper has a rough rubber coating for climbing into the bed.

The dash components' hefty look and feel, a similar gear selector, wireless phone chargers, textured metal dials and switches, the leather-wrapped steering wheel with a squarish center pad flanked by control panels, and the 14" touch screen all add to the familiarity.

The guys will no doubt think this small hook tucked just under the passenger side grab bar next to the center console is the perfect place to hang a trash bag, a fanny pack or backpack. But I promise you: It’s for a handbag. Or a tote bag, or a diaper bag or a purse.

There’s a Purse Hook

There are other storage improvements, too: there is more under-seat storage in the rear, there’s a cubby on the passenger’s side dash, and for things you need a pickup truck for, there’s more space: 7% more bed space.

Roomier, But Will the Kids’ Car Seats Fit?

Overall, the cabin feels airy, if cozy. The front seat is comfortably sized for an average-sized driver and passenger, and the rear seat is roomy enough for small or average height passengers.

Toyota Tacomas are ideal for off-roading and towing sporting gear. The TRD line has been so successful that Toyota has added it to many of its other models, including the RAV4, 4Runner, Sequoia, and Camry sedan.

The Big News: Not One, but Two Off-Road Edition

To offer even more off-road options, Toyota added a second off-road model called the Trailhunter. This is the top of the line with all the luxurious and off-road features, from an enhanced bed with MOLLE panels—an acronym for modular lightweight load-carrying equipment—to tubular rock rails and a roof rack.

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