2024 Toyota Grand Highlander

Roomy, luxe, great standard features, and hybrid MPG or more hybrid power, take your choice: The Toyota Grand Highlander full size SUV is not just a bigger Highlander.

The 2024 Toyota Grand Highlander, priced from $43K- $58K, combines all that we love about the Highlander, hybrid SUVs and all things Toyota in a large, roomy, easy to drive, tech filled 3-row SUV. This is the first ever 3-row, 7 or 8 passenger SUV to carry the Grand Highlander name.

The Grand Highlander offers top drawer technology, and in the top end Platinum model you’ll see touches of Lexus design, including leather seats with microsuede inserts, rose gold trim and an elegant palm-sized gear selector.

Top Drawer Details in a Well-Priced Family SUV

At the entry level, there are a lot of great standard features, too, including voice activated assistance, wireless Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and phone charging. If you go for one of the lower priced models you won’t miss anything important.

So, how do you tell which one is for you? The reduced power and enhanced MPG of the Hybrid makes it ideal for daily routines, school pickups drop offs, commuting, grocery runs and occasional road trips.

Hybrid or Hybrid Max?

The Hybrid Max, with 5,000 lbs. of towing, is better for full time 3rd row use, especially if larger people (i.e. teenagers) sit in the 3rd row, if you drive longer routes with the car fully loaded, especially on the highway, and if you tow.

I really loved the interior of the Toyota Grand Highlander in both the XLE and Platinum models. Toyota has modernized the center console and materials so it looks as great in the lower-tier model as it does in the Platinum model.

Interior: Refined, Elegant, Modern

What’s the Car Seat Configuration Like?

Pretty good, but not comprehensive. There are full LATCH sets in the two outboard or captains chairs and in the 3rd row on the passenger’s side. There are upper tether anchors in the center row and two in the 3rd row — the passenger side and center seat.

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