Hello Mazda CX-90: Bigger, Better and More Luxurious

When I heard that Mazda was going to phase out the CX-9, my heart sank.  And then I got to spend an afternoon crawling through its replacement, the 2024 Mazda CX-90.  I can’t wait to drive it. And I can’t wait for you to drive it, too.

The big news here is two-fold: First, it’s bigger and more accommodating for families. Then, no matter the model you choose, it’s faster, more powerful and it will come with an electric driving option in terms of a plug-in-electric hybrid, or PHEV.

With the PHEV, Mazda enters the sweet spot of SUV driving: your can drive all week on electric by simply plugging in at home; then, you can drive on electric and gas when you have further to go.

Two New Engines Define this New SUV

Mazda didn’t specify how many miles the CX-90 can drive on only electric, but it’s likely at least 30 miles because a) they said you do most daily driving on electric and b) the 17.8 kWh battery is typical of PHEVs with a 30–40 mile range of all electric driving.

The CX-90 promises more room for people. And this is a novelty: Buyers can get a 3 row with all bench seating to seat 8 passengers; a 3 row with center row captains chairs to seat 7 passengers, or a 3 row that seats 2 in each row.

Let’s Talk Seating in the Second and the Third Row

To access the third row in the center row bench option, there’s a tab on the shoulder of the outboard seat to slide and tilt the seat forward. I was easily able to climb in and pull the seat back into position, and then pull the tab to get out again.

One thing that will make the center row even more luxe is the panoramic sunroof. This is a first for Mazda, and a welcome one. The panoramic sunroof has become a luxury staple, so to compete for premium car buyers, it’s a must.

There’s More Luxury in the Mazda CX-90

Add more quality touches like hand-stitched two-tone leather—think Gucci stripes, not high-low paneling. Add hand-stitched soft-touch surfaces like the cloth covering the dashboard and the wood veneer covering the now-wider center console with an open cubby for a phone, a wireless phone charger, and cup holders.

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