The 2024 Lincoln Nautilus Fast Forwards the Future to Now

Lincoln is innovating in the luxury SUV space with the 2024 Lincoln Nautilus.  It features an expansive media screen, a fragrance diffuser, hands-free driving, a hybrid version, and lots of comfort.

When I arrived to see the new Lincoln Nautilus, completely redesigned for 2024, I was excited to see the front grille of this luxury SUV lit up like a beacon: the Lincoln badge glows from the center of a light bar that spans a new mesh grille.

It has a wall to wall, full span 48” screen that replaces everything we have ever seen on a dashboard before. The Coast to Coast screen, as they call it, sits elegantly set on a “shelf” of leather between the windshield and the lower dash.

A fragrance diffuser is built into the center arm rest. Buyers can add up to 3 fragrance pods and choose the fragrance they want at the moment. This is huge: you can switch fragrances any time you want.


Lincoln is simply stuffing the new system with every available tech platform: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto –  both connect wirelessly– as well as Google Maps, Google Play and of course, Alexa.


This amazing new system can be upgraded with better graphics, more functions, and ingenious details. Lincoln will deliver over-the-air upgrades to clients utilizing 5G connectivity, exactly like your phone and computer.

Over-the-air Updates Will Enhance the Experience

The Nautilus has been modified with a new 4-cylinder turbo engine that produces 250 horsepower and a more powerful hybrid model that produces 310 horsepower, replacing the V6 option that produced 335 HP in previous models.

New Power Under the Hood

The idea here is power or more power; 250 HP is fine for a 5-passenger mid-size SUV, but 310 HP that is quiet and more fuel-efficient is even better. Lincoln's hybrid option prioritizes speed and power over fuel efficiency, however it should be more fuel efficient than previous models' 22 MPG.

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