2024 Lexus GX Luxury 3-Row SUV: The Wait is Over, and It Was Worth It

Everyone is excited for this redesigned luxury off-roader: The Lexus GX 3-row SUV has more comfort, more luxuries and now, an uber-capable Overtrail edition.

When I first saw the redesigned 2024 Lexus GX, I had to catch my breath. It’s stunning. First, just take a look at it. Dressed in camo-esque taupe and black, a color Lexus calls Incognito, the prototype we got to crawl through showed off the new look of the GX’s newest edition, the Overtrail.

Inside, while the 2024 GX is fully redesigned, designers managed to retain the things we love. The seats are ample and covered in leather. The gear shifter is a solid lever that you wrap your hand around and pull into gear.

Everything We Loved about the Lexus GX

We loved the V8 engine in prior GX models, but the 2024 model follows the Toyota/Lexus strategy of smaller but more powerful engines. This model will carry a V6 twin turbo that generates 349 HP; the V8 in prior models only generated 301 HP, so that’s quite an improvement.

Still, GX plans to pamper its passengers. Options in its six trim levels—PPremium, Luxury, and Overtrail, each with a + version too—iinclude massaging vented and heated front seats. The front seats also sit a bit higher from the floor for better posture and visibility.

Lexus Didn’t Forget the Pampering

The 2024 GX comes with the latest version of the multimedia system and driver information displays. It features "Hey Lexus" voice-activated assistance and a touch screen with music, media, navigation, vehicle functions, and more.

A Whole New Take on Tech

Families are big fans of the GX and for good reason: in addition to the off-road capability, it’s comfortable for kids and pets. The 2024 GX embraces that idea with lots of options: Buyers can choose between center row captains chairs or bench seating for 3, and all seats have nice amenities.

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