2023 Toyota Prius

A first drive of the 2023 Toyota Prius has me wondering - Should I buy another?  It's the prettiest Prius, ever, it has better tech and MPG, and my surfboard fits - Inside!

When I saw this sleek redesign, my pulse raced, and I was captivated. The improved combined fuel-efficiency rating of 57 MPG makes this the most fuel-efficient Prius hybrid to date.

The new generation of Prius takes design to a whole new level

The price ranges from $27,450 (LE model, front wheel drive) to $35,865 (limited model, all wheel drive), keeping the Prius firmly in the market category of an “actually affordable” hybrid.

For one, the 2023 model is longer and shorter, so at first glance, it doesn’t scream Prius; rather, it subtly suggests, appropriately, a classier and sportier ride. A far cry from my 2016 or 2006 Prius.

Why Doesn’t it Look Like a Prius?

Its clean aerodynamic design and sporty appearance make this 2023 Prius stand out from all others, making me wonder if it's indeed a Prius. Thankfully, yes.  Like a Lamborghini, the side profile has stretched-oval window shapes and a low center of gravity.

Sitting in the driver’s seat felt like I was getting into my own Prius; no surprise there.  My familiar Prius seats and seat adjusters, with the LTD now including driver memory settings for up to two drivers.

But there’s something else that’s new with the seats. In addition to driver and passenger seat heaters, the LTD comes with seat ventilators!  Given that southern California is ground zero for the US Prius market, I feel like they did this just for us.

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