The 2023 Toyota Crown Wants To Rule Them All

The 2023 Toyota Crown is a bit of a mystery.  A crossover? A hatchback? "It is a sedan." They announced. No question. And their most premium one, too. But this summer, we discovered that monarchs must have their own unique leadership style. Does the Crown have one?

the Avalon is the Reigning Monarch, Right?

Actually, there won’t be an Avalon going forward. In a Game-of-Thrones style plot twist, the Avalon is being discontinued and the Crown is slated to take its spot.

The Crown is completely different visually. It’s design leans more toward a crossover look, and even has increased ground clearance like a crossover does.

All Hybrids, All All-Wheel Drives for All the Crowns

You could say that the Crown knows what people want and will provide it. There are three trim levels for the Crown, and they will all have hybrid drivetrains. And they will all have all-wheel drive.

The XLE is the base model and will start at $39,950. It will have a 2.5l engine paired with dual electric motors. You get a nice 12.3” touchscreen multimedia system with 6 speakers, and heated seats.

We Need to Talk About the Paint

I’m laying all my cards out on the table. I love the bi-color paint scheme on the Crown. It completely changes the look of the car. When paired with the Supersonic Red, it gave a strong sport vibe.

Inside, you can get all-black, black and chestnut, and macadamia (a creamy white color), but I only drove cars that were all black inside.

Driving Toyota Crown is so Easy

I had a fun time driving the Platinum through the backroads of Tennessee. There were lots of twists and turns, and lots of long, open, winding roads to test out the Crown’s drive.

I accelerated hard and it stuck to the road. I pushed the car without losing control. You won't get gut-wrenching acceleration like in an all-electric car, but you'll smile and laugh at your speed.

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