2023 Lexus RZ Electric Car 

Oh… electric cars. People focus on the battery range and speed of recharging. The tax credits and cost of electricity. The instant acceleration — or lack of acceleration.  If you’re looking at the Lexus RZ this way, the first electric car from Lexus and priced from $58,500 to about $64,000, you’re looking at it the wrong way.

Let me just start here: microsuede interior upholstery. In Thunderstorm Blue. Oh, my. I just wanted to wrap myself in this loveliness and stay there all day.

To Surprise & Delight is the Luxury — & Lexus — Mantra

Many other details in the RZ are rethought.  The gear selector is a textured metal dial that you push and turn to select your gear. It is demure and elegant and adds to the overall style of the cabin.

Thunderstorm Blue microsuede is framed with cream-colored Macadamia NuLuxe leatherette and shows the RZ's fundamental theme: all man-made sustainable materials, many of which are renewable.

Sustainable Materials Evolve the Definition of Luxury

Also refined and elegant is the transitional sunroof that goes from opaque to clear with the touch of a button. To be fair, Toyota rolled this out in the Venza last year and we loved it just as much then.

Another Innovation: This Sunroof

Steer by wire, which might be better dubbed electronic steering, is a fully electronic and computerized steering system, akin to a video game joystick or an airplane’s yoke. It allows for small movements in the wheel to accomplish the job of steering.


In the city, the RZ is a breeze; it’s quiet and accelerates easily. On the highway, even in Eco mode, it accelerates surprisingly fast. Once in Sport mode it’s even faster and more thrilling.

Driving the Lexus RZ: Fast and Elegant 

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