2023 Honda CR-V: Hybrid

Honda plans for half of all 2023 CR-V sales to be Hybrid versions.  To do this, the CR-V makes the top of the line Hybrid model more attractive with more standard and available features, though the base model Hybrid is nicely equipped, too.

The CR-V’s Design is Premium On It’s Own

Overall, the 2023 Honda CR-V has a more premium and refined look; even the signature tail lights, vertical lights that frame the tailgate, have been refined with delicate rounded details at the base to frame back up lights.

The nose and front bumper are refined, and the front grille has a new modern look to it. Our test model, the Sport Touring, has the gloss black grille, a look I really liked a lot.

Buyers will see the multimedia screen front & center on the dashboard, the mesh climate grille that spans the entire dashboard & joystick-style vent controls neatly tucked into the grille.

In-Car Tech, and our Own Devices get Premium Treatment

The touch screen, which comes in a standard 7” or  available 9” in the Sport Touring model, has a new look and function to it. The flat screen has a button for volume control, larger, easier to see apps and it works nicely.

Telling the CR-V What to do was Fun

I tried out the voice controlled (push a button for this) navigation which is satellite fed and adjusts your Hybrid performance based on the terrain and traffic for optimal regenerative braking and charging.

From there the CR-V is slightly longer and wider and the rear seat is slightly larger: Legroom has been improved by half an inch, the rear seats recline further and the doors open wider.

Longer, Lower, Wider and More Family Friendly


I took a long drive in the Hybrid model and a short spin on country roads in the turbo. Overall, the Hybrid has a lot more torque so it’s quite a bit zippier, though the Turbo was absolutely fine. I was able to accelerate and pass with no problem.

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